Apple Releases iOS 13.2.2 with Fix for Multitasking Bug and More

Apple today released iOS 13.2.2 which fixes a multitasking bug and includes security-related fixes. It’s available to download and install now. Following the big release of iOS 13 Apple has been rolling out new versions and incremental updates that include new features, fixes, and improvements. Today the company is releasing iOS 13.2.2 for iPhone and … Read more

Disney+ is going to support 4K streaming, but will your devices?

Source: Michael Gitkos / Android Central Best answer: Now that Disney Plus (Disney+) is live, supporting 4K playback is included in your subscription and works on several devices like the Chromecast Ultra, Roku Premiere, NVIDIA Shield TV, and more. Magical pictures: Disney+ ($7/month at Disney+) Beautiful cast: Chromecast Ultra ($69 at Amazon) Shield up: NVIDIA … Read more

You can catch different Pokémon depending on if you play Sword or Shield

Source: iMore / The Pokémon Company Best answer: There are a handful of exclusive Pokémon and legendaries to each, along with version exclusive gym battles. Pre-order Pokémon Sword: Pokémon Sword ($60 at Amazon) Pre-order Pokémon Shield: Pokémon Shield ($60 at Amazon) Why do Pokémon games release as two separate versions? Pokémon’s tagline may be “catch … Read more