10 Minecraft Legends Tips & Tricks for Beginners

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  • Apr 23, 2023

Minecraft Legends’ strategic approach offers a wide diversity of gaming mechanics and build ideas that ultimately expand everything you know about the Overworld. Yet, when you consider how complex its dynamics are, it may be challenging to fully grasp the new gameplay style, even if you are a longtime player of the franchise. Fortunately, we’re here to help you with these tips and tricks for Minecraft Legends to get you started on your quest as the hero.

Collect Resources While Exploring

Image Source: Mojang Studios/Blackbird Interactive via Twinfinite

When on a mission to a Piglin base or village, it’s an excellent idea to send Allays to collect some much-needed resources anytime you are exploring. That way, players don’t have to go out of their way to grab materials, especially in the heat of battle. Do you see a bunch of coal? Send an Allay. Is there an abundance of wood nearby? Dispatch a few more teammates to stock up your inventory to the fullest.

Players can even upgrade the Allay system further to make it more accessible, including an increase in inventory size and an option to collect all types within a vicinity.

Build Defenses For All Villages & Homesteads

Image Source: Mojang Studios/Blackbird Interactive via Twinfinite

One of the first things you should do in Minecraft Legends is build defenses for each village and homestead across the map to ensure everyone’s safety. Piglins will often attack these residential areas and can take over them if not properly guarded, where you will no longer be able to collect gifts from the Village Chest. Initially, players can set up a perimeter around the village with the Extendable Walls, as well as add in Arrow Towers near these builds to increase their offense.

If Piglins have targeted a specific village, you must focus on this destination to fortify their base and help the residents fend off the enemy attackers.

Save Mob Homesteads

Image Source: Mojang Studios/Blackbird Interactive via Twinfinite

Despite the mob’s villainous intents in Minecraft, these creatures are no longer your enemy in the latest Legends storyline. You’ll be able to recruit various mobs, like Skeletons, Creepers, and Zombies, to aid you in the fight with their unique quirks. For example, Zombies have a large health bar to last longer in battle, while Skeletons can deal damage at longer ranges.

Players must first rescue the mobs at their homesteads by eliminating the Piglin threat and destroying the all-mighty Nether Portal. As a result, you’ll be rewarded with an option to call them from spawners and the Allegiance Flame.

Set Up Wellhouses

Image Source: Mojang Studios/Blackbird Interactive via Twinfinite

You’ll often experience tremendous amounts of Piglin forces that can, unfortunately, result in your death on some occasions. Therefore, it’s best to set up respawn points with Wellhouses to return to the fight much more quickly. To give you an idea, you can craft one of these structures near an opponent’s base rather than going through the traveling process again to reach the area.

Players can also fast-travel to Wellhouses to get to far-away destinations, but keep in mind that the opposing side can destroy these structures. Luckily, you can still construct another base using wood, stone, and iron to get it back on the map.

Run Away From Intense Combat

Image Source: Mojang Studios/Blackbird Interactive via Twinfinite

As a great warrior of the Overworld, it may seem absurd to back away from a fight, yet Minecraft Legends’ systems counter this approach with its health mechanics. You see, you can’t rely on the good ole’ Golden Apples or Baked Potatoes to get you out of a pinch this time around, as there aren’t any items that can replenish your character.

You’ll instead need to run away from the showdown to return hearts to your meter gradually, but it’s recommended to gather your troops simultaneously to avoid the elimination of your team. Aside from this “cowardly” tactic, you can stand near Mossy Golems to restore health, who will spurt out healing water for your entire legion. Players can still return to their last spawn point if they happen to meet their unfortunate end.

Use Co-Op Mode

Minecraft Legends Team
Image Source: Mojang Studios/Blackbird Interactive

Minecraft Legends solo mode is relatively difficult to grasp, especially for beginners in the strategy genre. So, to help with this challenge, you can experience the journey with others using the online multiplayer campaign, featuring a shared system of resources. With a team, players can have an easier time covering the lands of the Overworld by working together to grab materials with Allays and eliminating any Piglin bases.

Co-op mode also helps when Piglins come from all sides during village attacks, reducing the risk of a complete enemy takeover.

Upgrade Tools & Abilities

Using Prismarine in Minecraft Legends
Image Source: Mojang Studios/Blackbird Interactive via Twinfinite

If you want to collect more structures and mobs, it’s recommended to upgrade your materials at the Well of Fate as soon as possible. Players will only have a select few options to use for war at the start of the game, which can hinder your efforts in strategic plans. Nonetheless, you can unlock valuable resources using Prismarine by placing builds within Improvement Structures.

It should be noted that you won’t be able to pick up Minecraft’s standard minerals without these upgrades, so you’ll need to enhance them to get the complete crafting collection. These materials also trigger other variations of structures, such as the Spyglass Overlook, Redstone Launcher, and Kaboomery.

Construct Carpenter & Masonry Builds

Image Source: Mojang Studios/Blackbird Interactive via Twinfinite

No matter what, Piglins will always attack bases at night to spread their corruption around the Overworld, bringing down even the most formidable builds. Fortunately, the Carpenter can help reconstruct broken materials automatically instead of manually putting the pieces back together frantically during a fight.

You can set up multiple Carpenters to cover every inch of a base, and you’ll see them put to work with a noticeable blue glow when materials are in a broken state. Besides this structure, players can place Masonries to enhance their designs further with stone, increasing the durability of walls, towers, and gates.

Recall Lost Mobs

Image Source: Mojang Studios/Blackbird Interactive

Although the mobs are powerful enough to take down the evil Piglins, they are completely lost without your instructions. Sometimes they will even separate from the pack when creatures are focused on a particular foe or during chaotic intervals of large enemy hordes. Yet, instead of calling it quits with lost allies, you can get them back by interacting with spawners.

With this tactic, players won’t have to go through the hassle of creating another spawner for lost units, saving them from using their resources. Still, if you happen to spot a lost ally nearby, you can collect them through the rally interaction, where they will rejoin the group.

Familiarize Yourself With Piglin Bases

Image Source: Mojang Studios/Blackbird Interactive

When entering a Piglin base, you’ll often encounter convoluted mazes filled with dangerous adversaries. However, the only way to destroy these locations is through the destruction of the enemy’s Nether Portal, which is typically guarded by fierce bosses and deadly traps. You can make this process easier by circling the base first and familiarizing yourself with its layout, specifically with the entrance of the build.

Then, players can knock down barriers with mobs and search for the next opening to reach the center of the area. You don’t necessarily have to attack all enemy structures during this time, given that the Nether Portal is the primary target, but you can still get rid of them to get Prismarine. Over time, you can encounter different Piglin or structure types, making it all the more crucial to cover all your bases.

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