2 Ways to Stop Xiaomi From Collecting Your Browsing Data


Xiaomi recently got into a little bit of trouble when a researcher pointed about that Mi Browser on Xiaomi smartphones is collecting data. This browser is collecting data even if you turn on the incognito mode in the Mi browser or Mint browser. Xiaomi tried to clarify the situation but couldn’t do it, so recently released a new update for the browsers so you can now stop Xiaomi from collecting browsing data.

This new update adds a new feature in the settings of the browser which lets you control if you want to share the browsing data or not. Xiaomi updated both of their browsers with is an option. Here we have a little guide on how you can update your Mi Browser and disable this feature to stop Xiaomi from collecting your browsing data.

1. Update your Mi Browser

If you are using Mi Browser on the Xiaomi smartphone then you might have got a new update for the browser. The Mi browser version 12.1.4 has this enhanced incognito mode feature which you can turn off to disable Xiaomi collecting your data.

To update your browser, go to Settings > System app updater, here you will find all the latest updates for the system apps. Tap the update button on the Mi Browser to update it and wait for it to install the update.

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2. Enhanced Incognito Mode on Mi Browser

  1. Launch the updated Mi Browser on your smartphone and open Settings.
  2. Select Incognito mode from there.
  3. Turn off the Enhanced Incognito Mode from this page.

Wrapping up

This is how you can stop Xiaomi from collecting your browsing data which is a really sleek move from Xiaomi after all this. If you want that special experience which Xiaomi said its offering by collecting data, you can enable the Enhanced Incognito mode from browser settings.

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