Lazy Blogger’s guide to Super Charge WordPress with 100+ Plugins

Ask yourself a question, “Are you a Lazy Blogger?”. Even if you are not, these plugins will bring you to next evolution for your WordPress blog which will change the way you do blogging. “Why do you need these plugins?”. Because, WordPress is the best and the most expandable blogging platform in the world, the

Native Win32 Linux Commands for Windows 7

I was just scouring the web to look for an equivalent to the Linux touch command on Windows 7 and landed on this goldmine. A set of native Win32 Linux commands! This is a better option than running Cygwin since applications run on native (that word again) Win32 mode and not in an emulation. This means

How to install Tomcat 8 on a CentOS 6 VPS

In the following tutorial you will learn how to install and set-up Apache Tomcat 8 on your CentOS 6 VPS. What is Tomcat? Apache Tomcat (before known as Jakarta Tomcat) is an application server developed by the Apache Software Foundation that executes Java servlets and renders Web pages that include Java Server Page coding.  

Your Questions About Make Money Online Fast

George asks… How can I earn a living on-line quick? Martin King solutions: I discover it straightforward to become profitable on-line when you achieve the expertise, know the proper course of and instruments to become profitable on-line. To earn cash quick is so simple as advertising a private product on-line, by way of blogs, articles,

Your Questions About Linux Server Configuration Tutorial

Paul asks… LDAP Server Configuration and tutorial? Hello all I like to know the LDAP(Light Weight Directory Access Protocol) its use ,importance, usage and how to setup LDAP server on Redhat Linux, please help and if any one have tutorial or documentation regarding the above subject please give to me My email ID Martin

Your Questions About Digital Marketing Strategy

Donald asks… Have idea about digital marketing strategy? Can any one give me digital marketing strategy idea? Martin King answers: Its a very broad term. Digital marketing includes SEO, SEM, Email Marketing, Ad Sense. Regarding the strategy, it depends on what the website requirement is. I would advise you to put down some more details

Your Questions About Website Setup Tutorial

Robert asks… Need help to advertise my websites, not getting enough visitors. Any suggestions? Martin King answers: Driving traffic to your website requires the placement of SEO metatags. Achieving high search engine placement will drive Net traffic to your website. We are assuming that you have the know-how to place critical SEO metatags on your

Exclude Images (attachments) From Search Results

By default, WordPress includes every post types on its search results pages. That includes, posts, attachments, pages and others. For example, if one searches for the term ‘Wordpress’ on a WordPress site, which has the default settings, all post types that include the word ‘Wordpress’ will show up on the search result pages. This may

How to install Gallery3 on an Ubuntu 14.04 LTS VPS

[Y/n]The following article will guide you through the steps on how to install Gallery3 on [Y/n]. What is Gallery3? It is an open source photo sharing web application, based on PHP and MySQL. Gallery3 has intuitive photo management administration and you can use it into your own website no matter whether you’re running a small

How to Make a Magento Store SEO Friendly in 10 Steps

  Magento is an extremely widespread ecommerce platform, nevertheless it suffers from a lack of default SEO optimizations. Thankfully, with a few tweaks and a couple of extensions, you’ll be able to optimize your storefront to turn out to be an SEO powerhouse. 1. Use URL Rewrite Management One of the key problems faced by

The Best WordPress Plugins for RSS Feeds

Displaying RSS feeds in your WordPress website is a good way to offer your guests with useful hyperlinks to different helpful info. Use RSS feeds from different websites to show information or current articles overlaying the identical subjects as your weblog or website. No matter how you plan to make use of RSS feeds, step

How to Find Influencers on Twitter

Who are the important thing influencers in your business on Twitter that you simply want to join with?Networking with individuals who have a big viewers, and whose viewers pays consideration to what they’ve to say, could be very helpful for you, when their viewers is your potential viewers! But earlier than you go off and

What Is the Difference Between Domain Authority and PageRank?

  Two measurements of a site are sometimes thrown round as essential metrics on your site to work on enhancing. One of those is the Google-created and measured PageRank. The different is the third-celebration Moz creation, Domain Authority. What goes into measuring these and which is necessary on your site? What is PageRank? PageRank is