How To Reduce table_locks_waited In MySQL/MyISAM

The scourge of parallelism and scaling everywhere: locking. Or in MySQL/MyISAM — and to be more precise — table locks. Here’s an overview of what to look out for and how one might go about reducing the frequency at which they occur. Before you embark on this please read How To Speed Up MySQL: An

How To Speed Up Drupal and/or PHP With XCache

Doubtless most of you do this already, but if you don’t you probably should at least consider it: install [#/sec]. If you serve pages from Drupal or moreover with PHP you could, as I have, increase your PHP throughput by 167% for five minutes of effort. Warning: your mileage may vary and yes, there are

Serve Static Drupal Content Faster With Boost And Nginx

For Drupal sites that receive a not insignificant amount of anonymous traffic Boost is for you. Following on from yesterday’s article on XCache where we went from 49 to 132 requests per second, we’ll show you how Boost has taken us to an eye-popping 2516 requests per second for static Drupal content. While it won’t

A fix for "Incorrect key file for table '/tmp/#sql_xxxx_x.MYI'" in MySQL

The Most Likely Cause: You’re Out Of Space Chances are, that if you’re seeing this error, you’ve run out of space in /tmp or wherever tmpdir points to. If only for the time it takes MySQL to create a temporary file (filling the parition) and delete it in disgust. In Ever So Slightly More Detail

Running Cron As An Authenticated User

It’s clear from the Drupal 7 documentation, cron jobs don’t play nice together when you need the cron job be associated with a non-anonymous publishing task. But, there is a way to solve this issue with a quick snippet of code on a per case basis. You can find more in the documentation here: [‘und’]

Server URL Monitoring

I’ve long used Servers Alive for my URL monitoring. It seems to have occasional application errors when booting from startup on one of my spare staging servers that I almost never keep online anymore. So, it’s time to look into some new options. My first pick was FAN. Fan stands for Fully Automated Nagios. So,

Centos 6 LogRotate Debugging

Not sure if your log rotate patterns in /etc/logrotate.d/* are working as you’d expect, or want to know what a pattern is catching? Then you want logs for your logs (ha). In this case you can troubleshoot by running the built in debug tool: /usr/sbin/logrotate –debug /etc/logrotate.conf Output this to a file for easier searching

Say bye-bye to the old trusty MD5

It is official: Microsoft is one of the big ones who’ll be retiring the venerable-but-vulnerable MD5 algorithm. Don’t worry, you’ll still be able to create MD5 hashes for your documents and verify them, but not for authentication and code signing anymore. The first chink in MD5′s armor was discovered in 1996; while not critical (MD5

Installing RVM, Ruby on Rails, and Passenger on Ubuntu

This install was using Ubuntu Precise 12.04 LTS, RVM 1.21.11, Ruby 2.0, and Rails 4, and Phusion Passenger. First things first. This was a fresh install on AWS so let’s get up to date and install some packages needed for Apache2 / Passenger: sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get upgrade sudo ntpdate sudo apt-get install

Your Questions About Make Money Online

Steven asks… How do you switch cash in gta on-line between characters ? I have a personality on gta on-line and has like 750k i feel ? And i need to make a brand new character , however is there a solution to switch the cash from the previous one to the brand new one

Google Launches Panda 4.0

It’s official. Panda 4.0 has formally hit the Google search outcomes. The Panda algorithm, which was designed to assist increase nice high quality content material websites whereas pushing down skinny or low-high quality content material websites within the search outcomes, has all the time focused scraper websites and low-high quality content material websites with a

15 quick tips for a succesful YouTube strategy

The tempo of social video sharing has virtually doubled in 12 months and forty two% of video shares now occur within the first three days of launch. This is in line with new research from Unruly revealed in the present day. The Social Diffusion Curve measures the lifecycle of a viral video. In specific the velocity of