How To Run Multiple Conky Scripts At The Same Time

Want to run more than one Conky? The hardest thing about using Conky …is choosing which theme to use. Thousands of different configs, themes and set-ups available for the versatile X11-based system stat tool. Some of these focus on simple tasks, like simple showing you the time, the weather or system resource usage. Other, more complex creations are designed … Read more

Linux Users Say They’re ‘Unable to Join’ Calls on Skype

Have you been experiencing issues with Skype calls on Linux lately? If so, know that you are not alone. Linux users say they are unable to join Skype group calls started using the most recent version of the VoIP client on other operating systems. The latest in a long line of issue, which seems to have started on Feb 22, results in a message saying that Linux participants … Read more

10 Tips for Troubleshooting Your Internet Connection

With the proliferation of smart home devices, online gaming platforms, and streaming video services, maintaining a strong Internet connection at home is more important than ever. If you're experiencing lag while playing League of Legends, or it takes forever to download music, there's good chance that the problem is on your end and not an Internet Service Provider (ISP) issue. Before you schedule a service call with your cable company, check out our tips for troubleshooting your Internet connection.

Is Your Router Getting Power?
If you can't connect to the Internet at all, the first thing you should do is take a look at your router's LED status indicators. If there are no lights at all, the router is probably unplugged or powered down. Disconnect the power cord and reconnect it after a minute or two. Make sure that the Power switch is in the On position. If the router still isn't powering up, you may have a failed power adapter, a faulty power strip, or a fried router.

Check Your Status
If the Power LED is lit, check the Internet or WAN indicator. On most routers, this should be green and may be flashing. If your router doesn't have status indicators, look around back to see if the Ethernet port lights are flashing. If there is no activity, turn the router off. Unplug and reconnect each cable, making sure each cable is seated correctly in the appropriate port. Wait a few minutes before rebooting the router. If you still can't connect to the Internet, try the next step.

Cable Connection Okay?
Before you start thinking about resetting or replacing your router, inspect the cable connection coming into your home. This is usually located on the side of your house and may or may not be housed in an enclosure. Make sure that the main cable hasn't been chewed up by a squirrel or knocked loose by debris from a storm. If a cable splitter is being used, make sure each connection is tight and the connectors are properly crimped. If the splitter looks suspect (i.e., rusty or dirty), try replacing it.

Start Fresh
If rebooting your router doesn't do the trick, try resetting it to its factory defaults and performing a fresh install. For most routers, this is done by pressing a very small reset button on the rear panel and holding it down for several seconds until the LED lights begin flashing. Once reset, use the accompanying disk or Web-based setup utility to reinstall the router.

Make Sure Your Firmware Is Current
Firmware is embedded software, installed at the factory on a read-only memory (ROM) chip, which allows the router hardware to implement network and security protocols. Most vendors provide downloadable firmware updates that resolve performance issues, add new features, and increase throughput performance. Look for the firmware update tool in the System section of your router's management console and follow the instructions carefully to ensure that you are installing the correct firmware version. Do not download firmware from a third-party site.

Do You Need an Extender?
If you can wirelessly connect to the Internet in one room, but not another, check your router's Wi-Fi signal strength. Look at the network connection icon on your PC or mobile device to see how many bars are showing. If you're only seeing one or two bars, your Wi-Fi signal may be too weak to maintain a strong Internet connection. Try connecting to another band if you have a dual-band router. Readjusting the router's antennas or changing the location of your router (if possible) can help improve range as well. If relocating the router is out of the question, a range extender may be required to boost the router's Wi-Fi signal. We like the Tenda P1002P 2-Port Powerline Adapter Kit and the TP-Link AC1750 (RE450).

Is Your PC/Phone/Tablet Configured Correctly?
If you can browse the Web with your laptop, but can't connect with your smartphone or another PC, check the problem device's network settings. For smartphones, go to your Wi-Fi settings and make sure Wi-Fi is enabled and that you are connected to the proper SSID using the correct security password. Make sure Airplane Mode is disabled and that your time and date are correct. For Windows clients, make sure the Wi-Fi switch is turned on, and that the device is not in Airplane Mode. Right-click on the network icon in your system tray and select Troubleshoot Problems to run the Windows Network Diagnostic routine. Very often this will correct common issues by resetting the adapter. Also, check your network adapter settings to make sure that the adapter is functioning properly and is using the latest driver.

Make Sure Your PC Is Healthy
Check for spyware, viruses, and malware. These programs are easily downloaded and installed, without your knowledge, while you're surfing the Web. They can run undetected and have a significant impact on your Web surfing speed and overall system performance. There are plenty of free and subscription-based utilities available that will detect and eradicate these programs and prevent them being downloaded and installed in the first place.

Time to Upgrade Your Router?
If you're using an older 802.11b or 802.11g model, you may want to consider upgrading to a newer, more powerful router, especially if you have multiple client devices vying for bandwidth. A dual-band router gives you two radio bands to choose from and allows you to dedicate a band to clients that require lots of bandwidth, like streaming video devices and gaming consoles. Moreover, newer routers employ the latest technologies to deliver speedy throughput, with enhanced Wi-Fi range. Check out our list of the 10 best wireless routers when you're ready to take the plunge.

Last Resort: Dial Up Your ISP
If you've tried everything and are still experiencing Internet connection woes, it's time to call your service provider. It could be that the problem is on its end and may require a new connection at the pole coming into your house and/or new equipment such as a cable modem or amplifier. If you're experiencing slowdowns at certain times of the day (think: after-school hours) it's possible that your ISP is simply unable to handle the increased user load in which case you may want to find a new service provider. Lucky for you, we've tested the to find the fastest ISPs in the country.

For more tips help speed up your surfing, check out Router Features You Should Be Using, Tricks to Boost Your Wi-Fi Signal, and How to Set Up and Configure Your Router.

8 best Mac games: top OS X titles to satisfy your gaming itch

The idea that Macs can't do gaming is an outdated one. Sure, you can't crack open one of Apple's computers and slot a Nvidia GTX 980 inside, but today's iMacs and MacBooks fare much better than they used to thanks to improvements in Intel's integrated graphics solutions and AMD's increasingly powerful mobile GPUs.
Heck, you could even say that casual gaming is more accessible on the Mac thanks to the wide variety of titles available in the App Store. And, though it's nowhere near as eclectic as its Windows equivalent, Steam's library on OS X is growing every day.
Click on to discover the best Mac games available on the Mac App store and elsewhere.
Once you're done, check out the best PC games1. Homeworld Remastered
How to get it: App Store
Originally launched in 1999, the influence of real-time strategy classic Homeworld runs deep in the DNA of today's fantasy RTS games. Homeworld went beyond the genre's traditionally flat battlefields by allowing you to position your fleet of spaceships anywhere in a 3D map of space. The extra freedom requires a whole new level of tactical nous, which you'll need if you want to get through its 30-hour campaign without tearing your hair out. When you're not overseeing ship formations and tactics, you'll be monitoring fuel levels, harvesting resources and fighting against gravitational pull to keep your squad together.
2. Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic
How to get it: App Store
Even a decade later, Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic may be one of the best Star Wars game of all time, thanks to a choose-your-own-path approach that lets you customize a character, make moral choices along the way, and explore the galaxy's ample depth as you desire. It looks and feels a little dated at this point, but it remains the most thorough franchise realization yet.
3. The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition
How to get it: App Store
A truly beloved adventure games classic, The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition brings the 1990 entry to the Mac App Store with a fresh coat of paint, thanks to enhanced visuals and full voiceover work. You can always switch to the old graphics at any point, and however you play, it's really the rich humor and smart puzzles that make this an enduring favorite.
4. Limbo
How to get it: App Store
Set in a mysterious and monochromatic world, Limbo sends you off into the shadowy 2D space without explanation or prompt, tasking you with guiding a young boy through a series of environmental puzzles. Also one of our best indie games, Limbo is a gripping puzzle/platform adventure that mesmerizes plenty within just a few hours' span, and the one-of-a-kind presentation really makes it memorable.
5. Braid
How to get it: App Store
Braid takes many of its cues from classic platform adventures like Super Mario Bros, but Nintendo's portly plumber never mined the kind of emotional territory that reveals itself over the course of this puzzle-tinged affair. Gorgeous hand-painted visuals and contemplative storytelling help frame the action, which uses a time-manipulating effect to shake up the platform approach.
6. Doom 3
How to get it: App Store
Itching for a bit of big-budget ultra-violence? Doom 3 is the culmination of id Software's legendary first-person shooter franchise, sending you running through dark corridors filled with all sorts of horrifying beasts. Several years after its release, it's no longer the flashiest shooter around, but it still delivers an effective burst of horror at a pretty fantastic price.
7. Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery
How to get it: App Store
An off-beat but gripping pixel adventure, Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP finds you exploring a stunningly imagined fantasy world while you solve puzzles, take in the quirky dialogue, and even engage in occasional boss battles. It's difficult to understand in moments, but that actually adds to its odd charm, making for one seriously memorable quest.
8. Cities: Skylines
How to get it: Steam
The best city builder is now available on Mac. Developed by the team behind transport management sim Cities in Motion, Cities: Skylines sees you take care of everything from building infrastructure to macro and micro management, land planning, traffic routes and collecting garbage. A stunning-looking game, Skylines makes creating a bustling metropolis great fun from start to finish.

Here’s how to pre-register for Nintendo’s first smartphone app, Miitomo

Just off the back of its quarterly financials, Nintendo has announced how we'll be able to get our hands on its first smartphone and tablet app, Miitomo.
Miitomo will launch in March for iOS and Android, but you'll be able to pre-register from February 2016.
While Nintendo has already spoken about the app, many of the details remain unclear. It describes Miitomo not as a game but a “social experience” in which users can interact with their friends by asking questions (such as “Do you believe in aliens?”) and then using the answers for… something. We're still not sure how it's all going to work, but it looks a lot like 3DS title Tomodachi Life.
Players in the game will be represented as Mii characters (Miitomo actually means “Mii friends”), which anyone who's ever played a Wii or Wii U will be familiar with.
RewardsTo pre-register for Miitomo you'll have to create a Nintendo Account, which you'll be able to do from February 17 using a Nintendo Network ID, social network account or simply an email address.
Additionally, Nintendo announced that its My Nintendo rewards program will be launch alongside Miitomo, and will interact with the app.
My Nintendo, which replaces Club Nintendo , is described as “more comprehensive” than a traditional rewards programs. Points are split into Gold and Platinum. You'll get Platinum points for logging into your My Nintendo account, while Gold points will be awarded for buying Nintendo consoles and games.
Plus, subscribers will get a Miitomo bonus if they create a Nintendo Account between February 17 and the launch of Miitomo.
Finally, Nintendo reiterated that it will be pushing out five smartphone/tablet apps before March 2017. That aside, this year is set to be huge for Nintendo, with the company set to announce (and maybe launch) its new console, currently codenamed the NX.
The best news from Nintendo's financials? Lots of people are playing Splatoon