Five free Chrome extensions for SEO practitioners

Did you know that you can increase your SEO task efficiency by using extensions in Google Chrome? If you perform most of your SEO tasks manually, these extensions can help reduce the headache of repetitive tasks and help you make your work day run more smoothly. Following are five free Chrome extensions I use on

Search competitor analysis: backlinks, keywords and pages

In my last column here on Search Engine Land, I shared tips and tricks I’ve learned over the years in regard to link prospecting. One process for finding link opportunities that I didn’t cover is competitor backlink analysis. Competitor analysis is fundamental to creating a link-building campaign. You’ll learn which tactics are securing links for

SearchCap: Google review guidelines, Panda mode & more

Below is what happened in search today, as reported on Search Engine Land and from other places across the web. From Search Engine Land: Google updates local reviews schema guidelines Aug 29, 2016 by Barry SchwartzNow only reviews “directly produced by your site” can have local reviews markup, according to Google. With Panda in stealth

Test points to likely influence of click-through rate on search rankings

There has been a lot written about click-through rate (CTR) as it relates to SEO. Some say that it really doesn’t matter. Others say that it is very possible it does. Reading articles, experiments and case studies is great, but we’re always eager to test things out for ourselves. We maintain a bunch of test

Google updates local reviews schema guidelines

Mike Blumenthal reports that Google has updated their local business reviews guidelines around when you can use the schema markup on the reviews and when you cannot. Here is the new list of guidelines: Snippets must not be written or provided by the business or content provider unless they are genuine, independent, and unpaid editorial

SearchCap: Bing search app, SEM automation & link building

Below is what happened in search today, as reported on Search Engine Land and from other places across the web. From Search Engine Land: Bing search app for iOS & Android gets new music, video & map features Aug 26, 2016 by Amy GesenhuesBing’s making it easier to find song titles, as well as add

Bing search app for iOS & Android gets new music, video & map features

Bing has released new updates to its search app for iOS and Android, adding new music and video features, along with more map options. The updated version 6.7.2 Bing search app will now play a video without sound directly in search results with the lyrics listed below the video — a feature that has been

How To Create A Checklist In PDF Format For Content Upgrades

Checklists are essential for getting things done (especially for repeated tasks). A few weeks back, Kishen shared about the Process Street checklist app & this is where the idea to add a checklist for our premium members came into my mind. We started creating checklists for our premium content at so that our members

The 5 Best WordPress Plugins For Creating Landing Pages Without Coding Skills

As a blogger, you’re probably always worried about writing interesting blog posts that your readers care about. But you can’t just spend time on blog posts – there’s another type of content that you need to focus on: Landing pages. If you ever want your readers to complete an action – like joining your newsletter

The Ultimate Guide for Beginners to Get More Views on Medium

Out of all the umpteen social channels out there, one stands out for its simplicity: Medium Medium was created to be a simple form of expression and displayer of content. The interface is minimal and lets the user focus on either writing or reading. There isn’t a platform like Medium elsewhere on the internet because

ThemeIsle Review: Beautiful Free and Premium Themes

When you start a new WordPress blog, one of the hardest choices you have to make is which theme to use. Needless to say, it can be a little overwhelming… WordPress is so popular that there are tens of thousands of themes to pick from. And things get even harder when you have to pick

How to Install KDE Connect 1.0 in (K)Ubuntu 16.04

KDE Connect has officially reached the first stable 1.0 release after a year of development. And now it’s made into Kubuntu Backports Landing PPA. KDE Connect is a project that aims to communicate all your devices. For example, with KDE Connect you can receive your phone notifications on your computer, or just use your phone

OpenShot 2.1 Released – Here’s How To Install OpenShot Video Editor On Ubuntu

Install OpenShot Video Editor on Ubuntu 16.04. OpenShot Video Editor is a powerful tool to create and edit videos on Ubuntu Linux Systems. OpenShot Video Editor is a free, open-source, non-linear video editor for Linux Ubuntu Systems. OpenShot can take your videos, photos, and music files and help you create the film you have always

Flowblade Linux Video Editor – Is It Any Good?

Last week I wrote about the new release of Kdenlive, a popular Qt-based open-source non-linear video editor for Linux. Kdenlive is hugely popular and for good reason — it’s fast, easy to use and mostly stable. But open-source is all about choice, and in the comments section to that article many of you wrote about

Windows 10 Tip: Find Out What a Process Does the Easy Way

Have you gone through the Task Manager in Windows 10 and wonder what a process does and whether it’s safe or not? Here’s how. Windows 10 Processes If you’re running Windows 10, you’ve probably noticed that Task Manager has received a complete makeover in design and features. One of the handiest features you might not

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt review

The Witcher 3 has been released in a new Game of the Year edition, which includes its two expansions, Hearts of Stone and Blood and Wine. To mark the occasion, here’s our review of this remarkable game, first published on 18th May 2015. Below you’ll also find links to our reviews of the two expansions.

Intel launches 'Kaby Lake' 7th generation Core CPUs for laptops

Intel today launched the first chips in its highly anticipated ‘Kaby Lake’ 7th generation Core processor family. This initial selection of Y-Series and U-Series chips is destined for laptops and other compact form factor devices. In the headline improvements Intel promises “more responsive performance than ever before,” efficient 4K entertainment viewing/streaming, gaming on the go,

How To Rotate Desktop Screen In Ubuntu

How to rotate desktop screen in Ubuntu. Install ScreenRotator Indicator Applet on Linux Ubuntu Systems and rotate Ubuntu screen. ScreenRotator can be used to rotate the display on Ubuntu Systems. Install ScreenRotator on Ubuntu ScreenRotator is a wonderful indicator applet to rotate desktop screen in Ubuntu. It is an easier ways for rotating the screen

The future of mobile video is virtual reality

After the dust settles, the real takeaway from Instagram’s cloning of Snapchat is that the connected camera revolution is just beginning. Instagram Stories sends a powerful message to hundreds of millions of people for the first time: No moment is too small to capture with your smartphone camera. A cult classic for many in the

uSens shows off new tracking sensors that aim to deliver richer experiences for mobile VR

Startups in the VR space are increasingly growing confident that consumers will want to interact with objects in the virtual world the same way they do irl — with their hands. uSens is showing off the first line of its Fingo hand-tracking developer kits. The sensors have an eye toward mobile VR and integrate inside-out