iPhone X vs iPhone 8 Plus

For once the ‘Plus’ model isn’t Apple’s biggest screen iPhone of the year. Nor is it the most expensive or most feature-packed, because this year we got the iPhone X. Apple’s new flagship is the biggest change to the iPhone design in years, though we still got another ‘Plus’ model launched alongside it, in the

Review: Asus ZenBook 3 Deluxe UX490UA

We’re living in an age of truly gorgeous Windows laptops. Microsoft Surface, Dell XPS, HP Spectre and Lenovo ThinkPad are just some of the models that spring to mind, but just about every top-tier manufacturer has a premium model geared to compete in the ultra-stylish, ultra-portable market. Asus’s sexiest machines have been gathered under the

Mac Firmware Attack: Out Of Date Machines Vulnerable To Attack

Apple has failed to push out to consumers necessary firmware updates to that patch vulnerabilities discovered in the company’s popular line of Mac computers, according to research published Friday. The shortcomings in Apple’s security efforts were highlighted by researchers at secure authentication company Duo Security after the company analyzed the essential, built-in software found in

Romanian tech site shares early review of Intel Core i7-8700K

Intel will officially release the first members of its 8th gen (Coffee Lake) Core desktop processors on 5th October. At that time the mainstream tech press will be allowed to publish the usual thorough reviews, test and benchmark results, evaluating these powerful new processors. Ahead of the official starting pistol we often see lesser known

Nuclear Music Player for Multi Source Music Streaming in Linux

Brief: We’ll have a look at Nuclear, one of the lesser known music players in Linux. It lets you stream music from a number of sources such as YouTube, SoundCloud etc. Although I do maintain a collection of good ol’ mp3 files on my PC, I don’t disagree with the advantages of streaming music. I

How To Improve FPS In PUGB [Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds]

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is a third (switchable to first person) shooter game by Bluehole Studio. PUBG has become a classic example of a runaway success story nobody saw coming. The premise is that 100 combatants fly to a massive island where they must loot weapons and arm themselves. You must hunt other players to become

How To Set Up Virtual Machines On Linux With Gnome Boxes

Virtualization is one of Linux’s biggest strengths. Out of all the ways to make virtual machines on Linux, Gnome Boxes is probably the easiest. With it, users can easily set up a totally native, kernel based virtual operating system with a few clicks. This tool effectively allows beginner users to take advantage of the same

How To Force Remove Subtitles On Netflix

Netflix has subtitles that you can enable or disable at will. If you don’t like the way they look, you can customize the appearance of subtitles on Netflix. That’s all good if it works the way you want it to but in some regions, you cannot turn subtitles on Netflix off for select content. There’s

How To Share WiFi Password In iOS 11 Between Devices

iOS doesn’t let you view the password for a WiFi network you’re connected to. This is one of the oldest peeves users have with the system. If you don’t know the password to the WiFi network you’re connected to, you cannot share it with anyone. People who still jailbreak their iPhones almost always install a

How To Install Ubuntu Touch On Your Android Device

Canonical, Ubuntu’s parent company at one time was developing an operating system for Android devices. They called this move a way to “disrupt the industry” and change the way we use mobile phones by bringing a full Linux desktop to mobile. After a few years, they eventually gave up. The reason? The company behind Ubuntu

Apple iPhone 8 Earpiece Crackling Issue Could Be Resolved Soon

Apple has confirmed the complaint of some iPhone 8 and iPhone Plus owners regarding the disruptive sound in their earpieces during phone calls and said it was working toward resolving the issue. Users have reported online, including on Reddit and Apple’s forum, that the earpieces make a “crackling” or “static” sound that “disrupts the audio”

Opera Browser 48 Released with Search Improvements (Howto Install)

Opera web browser reached the new stable 48 release earlier today with new and improved features. Opera 48 release highlights: Add measurement, time zone, currencies converters in Search pop up tool. Capture your favorite parts of the web with the Snapshot tool Add option to remove unwanted autocomplete suggestions in the search and address bar.

Finding the Best Search Terms for Your Business: 10 Tools and Tips

Despite the ever-present advice that long-tail keywords are king, many businesses still struggle to strategically use them to get content to the top of organic and paid search results. The truth is, tackling these long-tail keywords feels hard when you know you’re up against the giants. I know. I worked with many startups before I