Kid3 Audio Editor 3.5.1 Improved High-DPI Support (How to Install)

Kid3 audio tag editor got an update by releasing v3.5.1 earlier today with performance improvements and a few fixes. Changes in Kid3 3.5.1 include: Compatibility of imported and exported CSV files with cells containing new line characters. Do not show unknown frames for ID3v2.3 TDAT, TIME, TYER, TRDA frames. Enable high-DPI scaling for Qt >= … Read more

iPhone X TrueDepth Camera Supply Has Now Stabilized and Will Not Affect the 2018 Lineup

Apple’s TrueDepth camera is an impressive piece of technology in the iPhone X but due to manufacturing issues cited by the company’s suppliers, it also affected the total units the firm was able to produce in a given time frame. Things are now looking positive for the tech giant because according to a report, the … Read more

Lightweight Linux Distribution antiX-17 Released!

One of the best lightweight Linux distributions, antiX has just released its latest version, antiX-17 code-named “Heather Heyer”. The new release is based on Debian 9.2. Like Devuan Linux, antiX is one of the systemd-free Linux distributions. AntiX-17 supports both 32-bit and 64-bit processors which is not surprising because it focuses on supporting older hardware. … Read more

iPhone X Review Roundups Critique Gestures Feature In Unboxing, First Looks [WATCH]

Previews and unboxings of the iPhone X are beginning to trickle out and currently, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a truly negative thing said about the smartphone. The Highsnobiety team, for example, had nothing but accolades for the iPhone X, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t critiques of the device. Across several pre-launch opinions, reviewers … Read more