Best VPNs for Microsoft Edge in 2018

Microsoft Edge is a web browser developed by Microsoft that replaced the aging Internet Explorer back in 2015. It was initially only available as the default browser in Windows 10, but since then versions for both iOS and Android have been released. Edge is a straightforward browser for sure, quick to launch and fast with … Read more

How To Fix Kodi “Update Failed” Error

One of the best features about Kodi is that it isn’t just a media centre for organizing and displaying your media files – you can also install add-ons to give you new functionalities like watching YouTube, watching Twitch, listening to music, and listening to podcasts though your media centre. The way that you install these … Read more

Stop Verizon Throttling: How to Speed Up Your Connection

In a clear violation of net neutrality, even before the voting took place in late 2017, the U.S.-based wireless service provider Verizon was caught artificially slowing down user speeds when accessing certain services. This practice of throttling largely affected Netflix and YouTube content, two sites that directly compete with video streaming services Verizon itself owns … Read more