Here’s what Facebook’s new cryptocurrency Libra will look like and how you’ll use it

It’s official, Facebook’s making its own currency. The social network on Tuesday unveiled Libra, the secretive cryptocurrency it’s been working on for more than a year. The currency is being backed by investment from big payment companies like Mastercard, Visa, and PayPal, as well as tech giants including Uber and Spotify. Facebook has high hopes … Read more

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Reveals Yeritswa With New Screenshots and Video

Today Nintendo and Intelligent Systems revealed another new character from to the cast of the upcoming simulation JRPG Fire Emblem: Three Houses with a new video, a new screenshot, and art. This time around the spotlight is on Yeritswa (this is a challenging name to transliterate from Katakana, so Nintendo’s official name may vary). He’s … Read more

Persona 5 Royal Gets New Images Showing Kasumi’s Persona and More; Digital Deluxe Edition Revealed

Atlus is continuing to trickle down images and assets of its upcoming Persona 5 enhanced edition Persona 5 Royal. Today they updated the official site with a look at new character Kasumi’s own persona, Cendrillon. She is described as a persona with a beautiful silhouette made of sparkling glass and wearing a gorgeous cape as … Read more

Gears 5 Gets New Trailers Showing Co-Op Characters in Brutal Action

The Coalition and Microsoft are releasing a series of trailers of the upcoming third-person-shooter Gears 5, showcasing its characters. To be more precise, we take a look at the recently-announced co-op mode dubbed “escape” and at the characters you can select to clear it with friends or strangers. Today’s trailer showcases Lahni Kaliso, a “ruthless … Read more

Final Fantasy XIV Gets New Level 70 Boost “Optional Items” for Shadowbringers

Today Square Enix opened the early access of the brand new Final Fantasy XIV expansion Shadowbringers, and it came with its share of “optional items” on the Mog Station. If you’re unfamiliar, the Mog Station is the game’s account system that also works as a cash shop. Optional Items are basically microtransactions. In this case, … Read more

F1 2019 Review

F1 2019 on PlayStation 4 The first few moments of F1 2019 suggest that we’re in for a drastically different experience this year. Before you even get your hands on a Formula 1 steering wheel, you’re thrown into the world of F2, a second division of sorts that acts as a feeder system for the … Read more