32 SATA II ports on a Chiacoin motherboard

It is the new fashion of the moment and it triggers as much irritation as questions. The new crypto ChiaCoin indeed proposes to farmer with your storage capacities to launch on this new currency. For the record, the principle of ChiaCoin is not at all the same as other cryptos that are mined. Indeed, instead of solving calculations, the principle is to store data on your storage capacities.

The sudden popularity of ChiaCoin already seems to be disrupting the market where the demand for hard drives has increased considerably. A situation that has obviously triggered a price increase. At the moment SSD players claim that their prices will increase because of this situation. However, in reality, the mechanical disks usually reserved for NAS like the 8TB and above, seem to be the most appropriate for the exploitation of this crypto. On these references, prices have almost tripled in a few weeks.

Chiacoin carte mère

The Onda B365 D32-D4 Magic Edition, a motherboard from a totally unknown brand, offers a solution of the same order as those we saw blooming in the past with multiple PCIE ports to mine Ethereum. But in the case of Chiacoin, the card offers 32 SATA II ports at 6.0 Gbps as well as 6 Molex connectors to feed the SATA ports . In total, the card can accommodate up to 448 TB of storage capacity. The rest is obviously quite secondary with a B365 chipset for a LGA 1151.

For fun , the card is 53 centimeters high!

Chiacoin motherboard

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