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5 best Sports apps for Windows 10


For many, Sports is life. They don’t watch sports; they breathe sports. Every score, every reaction is breathtaking for them. If you are addicted to sports as well, you might realize how crucial it is to have the updates at the right time. A genuine sports lover would not wait to check the result on the news later.

Be it apps in the mobile phone or PC apps, bringing sports and its streaming online is quite helpful.

Sports apps for Windows 10

Following is the list of the most popular sports apps. Please note that they are region specific, be it on PC or their mobile version.


ESPN. Image Courtesy: Microsoft Store

No doubt ESPN is the most popular Windows application for sports news. The ESPN app covers almost every possible sport on record. Other than international sports, it covers local sports events and other lesser known sports. Along with news, live updates and minute-to-minute scores, the app offers a personalized experience where the user can sign up and add favorites, keep a history check, etc. Though the app allows advertisements which might bug some, it is light and quick. The interface is user-friendly and to some extent smart as well. It records your activity and makes your experience better.


Sports apps for Windows 10

This app is confined to the European region and doesn’t cover local sports. For the region itself, it is one of the most popular application. The app publishes more than 150 blogs every day, covering almost every major sport. It streams live matches on the app itself and even records them so they could be checked later. So it means if you are stuck in your office with no television, you could watch the match later. However, the application doesn’t work outside Europe. If you wish to watch a football match in Spain when in Brazil, Eurosport won’t work.

MSN Sports

Sports app. Image Courtesy: Microsoft Store.

Sports is the new name for MSN Sports. Sports does not offer streaming of live matches. One does not need to login to add favorites and customize the app. The data is linked to the device the app is installed on and would get deleted upon the uninstallation of the application. The Sports app covers over 150 leagues including NFL, NCAA, NBA, MLB, Football, and Soccer. It’s quick and easy to use.

Yahoo Sports

Yahoo Sports. Image Courtesy: Microsoft Store.

Other than a nice interface and an appealing front view, it is one of the easiest to use series of sports apps. They need the least number of taps to check whatever you wish to. The apps are free if you allow the ads which are too miniature to bother anyone. They offer sports news, and the option to add favorites like other apps. As an add-on, the apps could be integrated with your social media accounts. Yahoo sports apps have an option to hide sports the users are not interested in. The series includes apps on football, cricket, etc.

Watch ESPN

Sports apps for Windows 10

Watch ESPN is the version of the ESPN app which allows live streaming of matches. It is available in limited countries and is considered the best application for streaming sports. Unlike Eurosport, it covers matches from most first world leagues.

All apps have their own pros and cons. If you are out of Europe and North America, you might not be able to stream sports in spite of being willing to pay for it. So check if the app is fully functional in your location.

You can download them from the Windows Store.