A more affordable Google Nest WiFi Router could launch soon


Google may be preparing to launch a more affordable Nest WiFi router, and it could cost as little as $99.

The report comes from 9to5Google, which found possible references to a new device (code-named “breeze”) in the Google WiFi and Google Home apps. The “breeze” code-name matches Google’s pattern of code-naming routers with wind-related terms. Furthermore, the Google Home app ties “Breeze” to model number “GJ2CQ”, which is similar to model numbers of other Google products. A method called isGale in the Google Home app returns true if the model number matches the one for “gale” (the Google WiFi) or “breeze”, which is further proof that “breeze” is a Google-made WiFi router. And if that still isn’t enough, 9to5Google found that Google has added the same setup animation for “breeze” that they already use for the Google WiFi and Nest WiFi routers.

Just like with Google’s Android TV dongle, retail listings for this new Nest WiFi device leaked on Walmart and Home Depot under the name “Google Breeze Wireless Adapter.” Interestingly, the price was listed at $99.

As for what Breeze will have to offer, that information is still unclear. The Google Nest Wifi costs $169 while a Nest Wifi point costs $149, so this new $99 option could bring Google’s mesh routing experience to more people. (For what it’s worth, I feel more comfortable paying $99 to get another Nest Wifi to use as an access point.) Will Breeze simply be a router, or can it also be used as an access point? At $99, that would be nice, especially because Breeze seemingly features an Ethernet port according to 9to5Google, which would make it a great option to hardwire connections in different rooms.

Google has an event scheduled for September 30, where the company is expected to unveil the Pixel 5, the Pixel 4a 5G, a new Chromecast, and a new Nest speaker. Perhaps Google will also take the opportunity to share details about this mysterious new Nest Wifi router, too.

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Featured image: the Google Nest WiFi Router

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