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A USB-C iPhone is cool, but this one with both USB-C and Lightning is even cooler

The iPhone 15 is expected to have a USB-C port but what if it had both USB-C and Lightning at the same time?

iPhone with USB-C and Lightning ports on an iPhone

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Apple is very much expected to announce a new iPhone 15 series with USB-C ports in lieu of Lightning later in 2023, but what if it went the whole hog and added USB-C instead? What if we got a USB-C port as well as a Lightning port?

That’s a question that one engineer set out to answer, so they made it happen themselves. The result is an Apple abomination that is somehow also really cool.

The whole process was posted to YouTube and then onto Reddit, with the response generally being one of bemusement. The conversation then ended up turning into an argument about whether wired or wireless headphones are best because Reddit, but that’s another story altogether.

We’ve of course seen engineers swap out Lightning ports for USB-C ports in the past, but this is the first time we’ve seen anyone decide that two ports are better than one. Until recently this thing might have had more ports than some of Apple’s laptops.

Apple is expected to go USB-C later this year, with an EU law dictating that all phones sold in the region must use a common charging connector. That connector is of course USB-C, with Apple being the only major smartphone player that didn’t already use it. As a result, it’s going to have to play ball.

Apple also essentially confirmed that it will move to USB-C when it said that it would comply with local laws as required. That led some to suggest that Apple would still sell a Lightning iPhone outside the EU, but that seems unlikely.

The move to USB-C could spell the end of the Made for iPhone (MFi) program that sees Apple charge accessory makers money to let them put an authentication chip into their wares. However, a recent report suggests that Apple has a new USB-C version of that chip in the works that would likely work in much the same way.

It’s unclear as to whether generic USB-C cables will be limited in some way or if they simply won’t work at all.