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‘Accel World Vs Sword Art Online’ Crossover To Bring Franchises Together This Summer

The next video game in the Sword Art Online series will actually be a crossover with another anime franchise from creator Reki Kawahara. Accel World vs Sword Art Online will bring characters from both franchises in a war of the worlds to challenge the Seven Kings of Pure Color and rescue a friend from the Personna Babel.

In Accel World vs Sword Art Online, players will build three-person teams with their favorite characters, all with unique special abilities, from both the SAO and Accel World series. Characters from Sword Art Online will be able to utilize the fairy flight mechanic from ALfheim Online as well as magic, while Accel World characters will have access to Acceleration and special techniques.

Mixing and matching characters from both worlds will allow players to create an unstoppable team as they take on an epic action role-playing game adventure. There will also be an online mode that lets players team up with three other friends to battle rivals.

From the reveal trailer (seen above) it seems that the characters of Accel World will travel back in time to meet with the SAO characters in ALfheim Online to defeat a mysterious mechanical villain. Gameplay of the upcoming game is also shown, and looks a lot like Lost Song and Hollow Realization. The big draw of the battle system is the ability to go from air to ground battle by switching characters during battle.

Accel World vs Sword Art Online will release for PS4 and PS Vita in summer 2017.

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