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Add these discounted TP-Link Kasa smart plugs to your home this Amazon Prime Day

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When it comes to building a smart home, there's one device that everyone needs - and that's a smart plug.

Fortunately, Amazon Prime Day offers up the ideal candidates for that hole in your home, with plenty of Kasa smart plugs currently available at a reduced rate.

Pretty much the entire range of the TP-Link brand's plugs is discounted at Amazon US, with a couple of deals also available for those in the UK.

The most popular model, the HS103, can be picked up for $8.99 (from $14.99, saving $6), with a two-pack available for $12.99 (from $19.99, saving $7) and an $18.99 three-pack (from $24.99, saving $6) also available.

The HS103 is better suited for vertical wall sockets, since it's quite wide, with the bundle deals ideal for turning your regular outlets from standard to smart.

So, what does that actually give you? Well, these clever plugs are compatible with both Alexa, Google Assistant or through IFTTT, meaning they don't need a hub to work and can be added to routines through the digital assistant's native apps. Through the Kasa app, the on/off can also be controlled no matter where you are.

A single unit of the UK equivalent, the KP115, is also available for those shopping on Amazon UK for £9.99 (from £17.99).

As we alluded to up top, the single outlet plugs aren't the only devices available this Prime Day.

For those in the US, Kasa's smart power strip is also on sale - save $6 by picking up the KP303 for $23.99, reduced from $29.99.

And if you need something that can withstand the outdoor elements, the KP400 is just the ticket - again, save $6 by taking this $18.99 two-socket smart device through the virtual checkout.

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