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AdDuplex: A great way for free Windows Store apps & games advertising


When developing apps and games for Windows Phone and Windows Store, a developer faces a major challenge, and that is to advertise these apps and games. Now, with the help of AdDuplex, developers can do their Windows Store apps advertising for free. In fact, for all Windows Phone and Windows Store apps and games, AdDuplex is one and only leading cross-promotion network that empowers the developers and publishers to promote their apps. Developers can help each other without wasting a single penny. AdDuplex can actually be the one stop shop for all Windows apps advertising and monetization. Currently, more than thousands of apps actively use AdDuplex to get more exposure. Let’s know all about AdDuplex.


AdDuplex for Windows apps

Since 2011, more than 10,000 apps have joined AdDuplex; they use AdDuplex Cross-promotion network actively to accelerate and amend their growth efforts. In the year 2011, AdDuplex had launched their first cross-promotion network for the Windows Phone 7 apps. With this launch AdDuplex enabled thousands of independent developers to do their Windows Phone apps advertising for free by helping fellow app and game creators. With AdDuplex many apps received an overall boost and at the same time enjoyed an early exposure for years to come.


  1. Promote for free by helping others: The cross-promotion network of AdDuplex works as an enabler of Windows Phone apps advertising exchange between the participating apps and games. The developers are required to place a line of code into their apps and simply start promoting other apps on the network. Further those other apps actually promote your apps in return to the favor you actually did.
  1. Exchange ratio: For every 10 ad impressions the app shows, the user is advertised eight times in other apps. This makes the exchange ratio to 10:8, which means that the remaining two impressions are actually used by AdDuplex. This is to help the commercial advertisers reach their potential users and also support future development of the platform.
  1. Paid advertising campaigns: Everyone enjoys free promotion, but it is important to understand that this can actually limit the speed of your growth to a pretty linear scale. If you intend to grow faster and also have a budget for it, AdDuplex has a solution. For app and game publishers who wish to reach more users faster, there is an opportunity to do so via paid advertising campaigns.

Windows Phone apps advertising


  1. Windows 10 Epoch: Post the launch of Windows 10, AdDuplex was well prepared with an SDK for UWP apps. This allows the developers to use the same SDK and even the same ad units across different desktop and mobile with Windows 10. It also supports apps on Xbox One now.

Getting started with AdDuplex for free Windows apps advertising

It doesn’t matter if you are an advertiser or an independent app developer in search of a scale. Getting started with AdDuplex is pretty easy and receiving benefits from the AdDuplex services is much easier. Here are the three easy steps to kick start on AdDuplex:

  • Step 1 – Register your app and create an ad for it
  • Step 2 – Place a line of code in your app and start promoting other apps
  • Step 3 – Other apps will promote yours in return

Benefits of choosing AdDuplex

  1. It’s free: Windows Phone apps advertising with AdDuplex is free. Users can start cross-promoting other Windows Phone apps and get a favor in return for free as those apps promote their apps for free. Remember if you display 10 ads in your app 8 of your ads will be displayed in other apps.
  1. Utilize 100% of your ad space: Using AdDuplex ensure 100% Fill Rate in mobile ad networks. With AdDuplex you can utilize 100% of your ad space.
  1. Simple to use: Windows Phone apps advertising using AdDuplex does not involve a complex procedure, but only one line of code in your app. This single code supports XAML, Silverlight, Unity, XNA and many more.

AdDuplex aims at providing top-notch advertising solutions for all the Windows app and game developers, publishers and advertisers. It helps you get free users for your apps and games which are practically not possible without investments. Go here to join the leading cross-promotion network for all Windows applications.


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