Adobe PDF Tip: How To Print Large Posters Across Multiple Pages


    A colleague of mine asked me the other day how to print a large document properly. It’s a one-page PDF file that requires a 200 inches long paper to print all, like below in full-page view.

    unnamed file 222

    To properly print the document, it has to be split across multiple sheets of paper. Luckily, Adobe already has already got this covered. It’s the same process when you need to print a large format document, such as a poster or banner.

    Here is how to print it.

    Go to Files > Print.

    In the Print dialog box, click Poster button in the Page Sizing & Handling section.

    unnamed file 223

    From there, apply some of the options described below:

    • Tile Scale – to scale the pages smaller or larger as you wish.
    • Overlap – to determine the amount each tile overlaps the adjacent tiles. Giving some overlaps will let you put all pages together easier later on.
    • Cut marks – to add guide marks to each page to help you trim the overlap.
    • Labels – to add the filename and page number on each separate page.
    • Tile only large pages – useful when printing a mixed document that has both regular and large pages.

    unnamed file 224

    Click the Print button once all set.

    The feature is also called Tiling in older versions. If you are still using Adobe PDF 9 or earlier, you may not see this feature available in the Print option.