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Why is my Adsense CPC so low? How to increase Google Adsense CPC 2016

Adsense cost per click varies from one blog to another, from one niche to another and from day to day.
Is your Adsense CPC below 0.1$? Have you ever asked why your Cost Per Click is that low? Well, It is very low by the way. In that way it will result you into getting too many clicks on ads without making a handsome amount of dollars from your Adsense account.
If your CPC is low, then its your turn to work out for it. You have to find out the reason why your cpc is that much disappointing. Avoid getting back by thinking of quieting to run Adsense Ads in your blog just because of facing difficulties in getting cashes you expected to get at day one when you started thinking of getting an Adsense Account. Its your responsibility to find out the solution for anything coming across your way! One among the methods of tackling these problems is by reading different tips and implementing them effectively until you find out the right one which brings better results on your blog. Got it?
Many bloggers experience the problem of getting lower CPC, this has been happening to any blogger who runs Google Adsense advertisements. Sure enough, this doesn’t happen only in Adsense but it also faces all those who run Pay per click Advertisements like Bidvertiser, Revenuehits, Chitika, Medianet and so many others.
Today we are going to learn some of the important tips used by kin bloggers who are good at planning and targeting the desired Adsense earnings from the blog they work with. Do you know how they avoid Low paying Click?. I guess your answer will be No. Then this article was written to make you get the answer of all similar questions like the one above and you are going to get the suggestion of the killer tips for increasing Adsense CPC.

Is your Google Adsense Cost Per Click very low?. Here are the Possible reasons.

1. Season

Usually the first quarter of the year used to offer very low cost per click on nearly all Adsense. The reason behind this is simply as that, Advertisers tends to spend a lot of their budget on advertising through other medias like Radios and televisions during the Christmas and new year season. This makes them to lower the amount they used to pay for a single click on their ads.
Due to this phenomenon, we can notice that low paying ads are served in blogs during holiday season especially the last quarter of the year.
One secret that many Adsense users are not aware of is that, Google Adsense used to offers high cost per click on the five days of the week and lower CPC during the weekend days. You can spare a little time and check this out from your Adsense Earnings. Though you might not get accurate difference by doing so but that’s another logic behind the ad serving.
Also there is a noticed lower earnings during election season. If the country bringing massive traffic in your blog is in election season, then you have to expect lower earnings during those months. This happens because the whole business ecosystem of the country gets disturbed.

2. Keywords you are targeting

You have always been hearing about keywords, right? well, Do you real used to target high paying keywords of the niche are in? Don’t you think that keywords decide what type of ads to be displayed in your site?
Just get this simple formula right

  • High paying keywords = High paying Ads and relevant to your content.
  • Low paying keywords = public Ads ( low paying Adsense which are irrelevant to your blog)

Targeting keywords which consist of free stuffs and cheap gadgets will make your blog to make a friendship call to cheap Advertisement and when those worthless ads receives that call, your blog will surely be flooded by less paying Ads and worthless clicks hence poor earnings at all. So, as a blogger, you must always try your best to make calls to those high paying keywords in order to get precious income.

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Advertisers pays bids according to the type of visitors you are bringing in to them through Adsense clicks. But before you bring them visitors, you must have to pay some effort on making the ads to appear on your blog. This effort is done by targeting high paying keywords on fresh content you are producing in your blog. So, you are complaining about cpc being lower in your site, do you real implement the proper usage of keywords? Take action!!
Keywords determines ads to be shown in your particular page or blog. High paying Ads will be displayed in those pages which have proper target of high paying Adsense keywords and hence high Cost per Click Similarly, Low CPC is offered to pages or blogs with poor keyword targeting. If you don’t used to take care of keyword targeting then your missing a lot from Google Adsense.

3. Adsense Ad Placement.

Advertisement placement has extremely great impact on deciding your overall CPC as well as Click Through Rate. So, if you are complaining about getting low cost-per-click you must keep a third eye on your placement.
Below are the best position to place your Adsense advert for higher CTR that will also increase your CPC.

  • Above the post
  • Sidebar banner
  • Sidebar video unit

Always the banner which loads first when opening the post receives the highest possible CPC by getting high paying Adsense and the order decreases as you scroll down the page. This means, the banners in the post footer receives Lowest Cost Per Click compared to the one which is just below the post tittle.
Ad placement at Top of the article header have better Google adsense CPC. So make a good optimization of this ad unit.

Other important factors which cause lower cpc and ctr that must me checked out are..

4. Adsense Ad Units Size

Best and preferred ad size has a noticed impact on the overall earning of your site, the use of performing and recommended ads size like the ones listed below will get your blog out of the crowd of low paying Adsenses ads.

  • 300×250
  • 336×280
  • 728×90
  • 300×600

Note: Text advertisement have better CPC and CTR than the image advertisement. So, try to run Text and image separately and check out which one pays you the best cpc and take an action after realizing. Though is is advised to run Text-Image Ads
There is one wrong logic that many bloggers used to do it wrong. And this is placing too many ads per page thinking that by doing so they’ll earn a lot from Adsense.
The number of Adsense dispayed on one page of your blog must not exceed three ads unit.

5. Traffic

Quality of the traffic Matters a lot on your income from Adverts.
Quantity of valuable and engaging visitors
Smart work is always better than hard work. Working smartly to ensure that your visitors are satisfied with the content you are writing. On doing so, Your site will get trust and Google will surely rank it on the top.
Also getting traffic from developed countries like U.S.A, UK, Australia and Canada will boost your CPC to the maximum. You will get out disappointing Clicks by Targeting these countries as a primary traffic country for your blog.
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6. Click Through Rate

CTR determines cpc. The higher the CTR your site is getting is the higher your CPC will be. Similarly, the Lower the clicks your blog is getting is the lower cpc your site will get. Making your content and blog well optimized and user friendly increase your visitor’s engagement and hence your CTR will also increase.


There is now wonder for low CPC to bloggers who runs entertainment niche blogs. Multi niche blogs also faces low cost per clicks by getting irrelevant ads displayed in their blog. This happens so because google gets hard in giving full authority to multi niche blogs.
There are many niches out there which offers very high cpc and ctr even above 15% like download micro-niches. Download micro niche blogs tends to perform far better than entertainment and technology niches. Hence, It is very rare to find out high paying niches complaining about low Adsense CPC.

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