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AirPods teardown reveals tightly-packed circuitry and so much glue

iFixit has taken their blades to Apple’s AirPods, opening up the tiny wireless earphones.

As has become traditional with each new Apple product, iFixit has performed a teardown of the AirPods wireless earphones. The teardown gives a look at the AirPods’ W1 wireless chip, tiny internal circuitry, and glue.

As part of the teardown, iFixit offers a look at the battery found in one of the AirPods, which is set to last around five hours per charge:

Digging deeper under more glued-on cables and tape, we find some markings etched into the battery. Looks like this is a 93 milliwatt hour battery—equivalent to a little over 1% of the charge capacity in an iPhone 7.

As befits the small frame of the AirPods, Apple has packed in a lot of electronics into a tiny space. This includes the W1 chip, which facilitates the AirPods’ simple setup, connection, and switching between Apple devices.

The teardown also opens up the AirPod charging case, giving us a look at its chips and battery, which Apple says should provide an additional 24 hours of life to the AirPods when fully charged.


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