“Alien: Covenant” 4K HDR Blu-ray Coming In August With A Ton Of Bonus Material


The official announcement from Twentieth Century Fox of the 4k Blu-ray release of “Alien: Covenant” has arrived in the US, and has brought with it confirmation of a lot of interesting extra footage for all Alien saga or Ridley Scott fans.

The 4K UHD HDR Blu-Ray release of “Alien: Covenant” comes with 20 deleted scenes from the movie, which amount to around 18 minutes; all the movie trailers; a documentary about the making the movie, with commentaries by Ridley Scott; and three featurettes (a behind-the-scenes video depiction of a motion picture and how it was made): Meet Walter; Phobos and The Last Supper. In total, almost 100 total minutes of extra footage from the sci-fi movie with DTS-HD Master Audio 7.1 for the normal Blu-ray version and still better, much better Dolby Atmos sound for the 4K BD release.

A couple of other points are also worth mentioning about the new 4K UHD Blu-ray release. First, while it’s being presented as a 4K UHD BD title, the original shooting of the movie was done in 2K format, meaning that the ultra HD version for disc media has been given an upscaling treatment to make it sharper. We’ve seen this before in other major studio releases of blockbuster “4K Blu-ray releases and for the most part the resulting effect is quite nice to behold but it’s worth kepping in mind that this film will not be true native 4K content if that’s what you’re expecting as a fan. Furthermore, Fox will not be giving this particular release the Dolby Vision HDR treatment that movies like this so richly deserve. Yes the movie will come with HDR10 mastering, as all UHD Blu-ray titles do so far but Dolby Vision creates its own uniquely spectacular HDR color and contrast refinements to content which have to be seen to be appreciated over what’s available via HDR10 mastering.

For all the fans who are ready to get the Blue-Ray of “Alien: Covenant” and watch the awesome special effects of this latest instalment in the Alien saga in crystal clear UHD, it’s important to note that three major US stores will be offering their own exclusive packages with different features.

The Walmart Blue-ray will come with an Alien Day fan art designed T-Shirt. The version offered at Target will be packaged with a 36-page booklet featuring photos and concept sketches also featuring an inside look at David’s Lab from the film and the film’s creatures. And the one at Best Buy is coming –both its 4K and HD Blu-ray versions– in a rather attractive Alien Baby Xenomorph steelbook case.

At the moment, there are no details of the third film of this trilogy beyond of what we have been told in interviews by the director and producers. However, so far the second movie has grossed about 231 million dollars worldwide and will continue pocketing with the upcoming release of the Blu-ray edition, which has been announced for August 15. You can buy the movie right now on Amazon.com for pre-order at an already reduced price of $24.99..

Story by 4k.com