All Kelly’s Corner Scripts download

Kelly’s Korner was a popular site when Windows XP reigned supreme in the world of operating systems. Created by Kelly Theriot, a Microsoft MVP, it offered hundreds of scripts, Registry files, and executable files to repair, tweak, or improve the Windows operating system.

While most of those were designed for Windows XP, part of them work fine in newer versions of the Windows operating system as well.

The domain / was not renewed in 2014, and has been down since then. This meant that users were not able to download the tweaks anymore from the site.

At least one option was still available, and that was to use the Wayback Machine of the Internet Archive to access a copy of the website, and download the available scripts using it.

It lists all tweaks, and you may use the on-page find of the web browser that you are using to find the ones that are of interest to you, and download them to your local machine.

All Kelly’s Corner Scripts download

kellys corner

I have downloaded all scripts that were published on the last working version of Kelly’s Corner, and you may download them all if you like. Please note that some were not available anymore, and thus are not included in the archive.

Attention: These scripts are designed for Windows XP. They may work fine on newer versions of Windows, but I suggest you are cautious when it comes to that. Most are VBS or Reg scripts, so that you can check them out before you run them. I recommend you create a backup of the Registry, or your computer system, before you run any of the programs or scripts.

Also, some of the scripts may be flagged by your antivirus software. These are false positives, but you may verify this by checking the files on Virustotal or another service.

The archive has been split into four parts as it is quite large. You may download the files with a click on the following links:

You need a program like Bandizip, 7-Zip or WinRar to extract the archives to your computer system.

I have uploaded each file individually as well. You can download them on this page on GitHub individually. Please note that there is no index currently, but that you may find HTML files there as well that you may use to link file names to function.

Just head over to this page on GitHub to download the files that you need from the archive individually.

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