Amazon Announces Luna, Its Cloud Streaming Game Service

The rumors had been floating around for some time but today, Amazon formally announced its game streaming service called Luna. The service will be opening up to ‘Early Access’ gamers soon and you can register here if you are interested in trying out the service.

Luna will offer a custom controller that will connect directly to AWS via your WIFI, much like Stadia, and allow you to stream around 100 games at launch. Those games will stream at up to 4k but it sounds like most titles will be at 1080P. The quality of the stream will also heavily depend on your Internet connection.

Initially, the service will cost $5.99 a month but expect that price to go up after the service reaches public availability; the controller will cost $49.99. And you will be able to play Luna on your TV, PC, Mac, and other mobile devices that include iOS.

But, according to the launch page, it looks like you play Luna through Safari on iOS, not through a dedicated app.

And as you would expect, there will be integration with Twitch, the company’s game streaming service; I would expect this service to be advertised heavily on that platform too.

This service will be competing directly with Microsoft’s Cloud Streaming offering inside of Game Pass Ultimate and also Google’s Stadia. While Microsoft and Sony are about to launch consoles, Amazon wants its name tossed into the arena before you purchase your next console.

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