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Amazon’s Alexa app is now introducing Auto Mode for in-car use


Amazon is introducing an Auto Mode for its Alexa app to make it easier to use your phone hands-free while driving. The app is – obviously – designed to be used when your phone is docked.

The feature is designed to augment the Echo Auto so that you can see information at a glance if you do need to look at your screen. Auto Mode is rolling out to Android and iOS in the coming weeks.

Auto Mode features easy to read visuals, large touch targets (so you’re not having to look at your screen too closely) plus shortcuts for your most common interactions with Alexa used in the vehicle. So if you always ask Alexa for the same radio station, it’ll be there.

Auto Mode has four screens – Home, Navigation, Communication, and Play. A menu bar enables you to switch easily between the different modes. As Alexa says responses back to you, the app shows a simple list of the most relevant info.

The Home screen provides the aforementioned one-touch access to frequent actions. As well as media, that might be making a call or navigating to a regular location. The Navigate screen goes more deeply, showing all your regular locations. The Communicate screen enables you to place a call, Drop In on other Echo devices or make an announcement to all your Alexa devices. Finally, the Play screen shows the most recent media plus play and pause controls.

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