AMD is investigating intermittent USB issues with AMD 500 series motherboards (statement)

Users with AMD 500 series motherboards have been complaining of USB issues when their devices are under stress. This includes devices disconnecting, including even keyboards dropping out and failing to reconnect.

On Reddit AMD has now issued a statement saying they are investigating the issue and will be asking users with problems to help them diagnose it.

They said:

AMD is aware of reports that a small number of users are experiencing intermittent USB connectivity issues reported on 500 Series chipsets. We have been analyzing the root cause and at this time, we would like to request the community’s assistance with a small selection of additional hardware configurations. Over the next few days, some r/Amd users may be contacted directly by an AMD representative (u/AMDOfficial ) via Reddit’s PM system with a request for more information.

This request may include detailed hardware configurations, steps to reproduce the issue, specific logs, and other system information pertinent to verifying our development efforts. We will provide an update when we have more details to share. Customers facing issues are always encouraged to raise an Online Service Request with AMD customer support; this enables us to find correlations and compare notes across support claims.

If you are affected users have reported disabling “Global C-States” in BIOS as a mitigation of sort, and also lowering PCIe to 3.0 speeds, but probably the best bet is to visit the thread and let AMD know about your issue, so the company can solve it for everyone once and for all.

Check out the thread at Reddit here.

via Neowin.