AMD releases a dozen RX Vega technology and explainer videos

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In the wake of the launch of the Radeon RX Vega experience, and more, this weekend at SIGGRAPH 2017, AMD has released a plethora of tech explainer videos, in addition to the launch videos for the various products you might expect.

As there’s a lot of new technology behind the RX Vega graphics cards, which we hope to test very shortly, AMD feels it necessary to explain the tech behind them, which makes them so desirable and future-proofed for VR. With this in mind we are treated to explainer videos discussing the following tech:

  • A short explainer video concerning the High Bandwidth Cache Controller, with Nick Thibieroz and Raja Koduri, Ubisoft and Bethesda.
  • An explanation of Rapid Packed Math, with Nick Thibieroz, Chris Hook and Ubisoft.
  • An explanation of Radeon FreeSync technology with Raja Koduri, Chris Hook, Bethesda, David Glen and Sujoy Roy.
  • An explainer of key a Vega feature, High Bandwidth Memory 2, with Nick Thibieroz, Roy Taylor and Ubisoft.
  • In summary though, AMD Vega architecture card offer “more than the sum of their parts,” as are many things that are designed well.

Other supporting videos released by AMD discuss how the new Vega cards will impact gamers and continue to offer improved performance for some time. We are reminded that with the driver optimisations and software efforts from AMD and partners performance often gets better over time. It helps that AMD has fostered great partnerships with some major entertainment software developers and publishers.


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Of course AMD has published product videos to support its SIGGRAPH wares. You can see the longer Introducing Radeon RX Vega video above (11 mins), but there’s a shorter (2mins) ‘Defy Convention’ version here, if you are in a rush.

Epic’s Tim Sweeney holding a Vega Nano

Last but not least, also starring in their own new videos are the Radeon Pro WX 9100 Workstation Graphics cards, and the Radeon Pro SSG Professional Graphics boards. You can read up some more on these professional content creator products in the official press release from AMD.

AMD didn’t publish any Holocube videos or tech explainers (Holocube seen in above image on right). However, LinusTechTips took to stage with AMD yesterday and showed off the prototype Holocube (2mins 10s onwards) in an RX Vega unboxing video. Unfortunately the Holocube is not going to feature in any planned Vega graphics card bundles, says AMD.