An LTE iPad Pro with Smart Keyboard and Apple Pencil will cost more than a MacBook

If you were thinking about replacing your MacBook with an iPad Pro, know that it’ll cost you a lot.

The gap between tablets and laptops has been rapidly shrinking for some time. Tablets are becoming more powerful and more productive every day. But actually replacing your laptop with a tablet? That’s a leap that many have taken, and for the iPad user that’s even more tempting with today’s announcement of the iPad Pro. Thing is… doing so is expensive. Really expensive.

Let’s compare the iPad Pro to the closest Apple computer: the MacBook. The top-end iPad Pro packs a spacious 128GB of storage, while Apple’s MacBook starts at 256GB. Of course, iOS and its apps will need less space on the iPad than OS X and Mac apps need on the MacBook, so that storage disparity will be fine. Probably.

Throw in the Smart Keyboard cover to give your shiny new big iPad some tactile typing, the gotta-have-it Apple Pencil, and an LTE radio (sure, the MacBook doesn’t have an LTE option, but it should if you ask us), and you come to a price tag that’s higher than the baseline MacBook. Math time!

iPad Pro 128GB LTE: $ 1079
+ Smart Keyboard: $ 169
+ Apple Pencil: $ 99
$ 1347 vs. MacBook 256GB at $ 1299

That’s not to say that this is or isn’t worth it — it’s entirely up to you whether or not you think that’s worthy of your dollars. The MacBook and iPad Pro are two very different beasts. Where the iPad Pro offers a full touch experience with fingers and an advanced stylus, the MacBook is better suited to juggling multiple apps and heavy lifting computing.

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