Android 14 to enhance multitasking by introducing a way to save App Pairs

Android 14 is bringing extended functionality to App Pairs, allowing users to save app combinations for easy access.

Saving App Pairs screenshot next to Android 14 logo on grey background

We're only a few weeks removed from Google I/O 2023, but the excitement of what was announced is still coming down the pipeline. With the release of Android 14 Beta 2, we're getting one step closer to a public release, but there's still much more work to be done to get it to a public release. With that said, it looks like Android 14 could bring some much-needed improvements to multitasking, as a new feature has been discovered that will give users a way to save App Pairs.

The feature was discovered by Mishaal Rahman, who shared through his Twitter account that there is a new launcher flag in the latest beta that when enabled, should allow users to save an app pair, making it easier to launch a pair of apps, with the tap of an icon. The new feature appears in the recent items overview menu, and can be seen by accessing the context menu which currently houses the Split screen menu option. While this is an exciting, it currently doesn't actually work as Rahman notes, but when this goes live, it should make life easier for those that like to constantly run apps side-by-side in split-screen mode.

App Pairs have been around since Android 12, but the feature really hasn't evolved beyond its initial form despite the competition offering better split-screen options for quite some time. Samsung's Multi Window mode is way ahead of Google's counterpart, which really shows just how far behind Google really is sometimes, especially when it comes to features that could really be helpful for larger screen devices like tablets and foldables.

This is even more critical now because these are two areas that Google recently entered, with its Pixel Tablet and Pixel Fold. While Google has dabbled in tablets before, this is its first entry into the segment since the Pixel Slate in 2019. The Pixel Fold is its first ever foldable smartphone, and making the best possible large screen experience is imperative if it wants to try and compete against veterans like Samsung, which is now four generations deep with the Galaxy Z Fold 4, which is considered to be one of the best foldable smartphones on the market. Hopefully, we'll get to see and hear more interesting things about Android 14 when it launches later this year.