Android is Finally Getting Google Photos’ Advanced Video Tools from iOS

An Android phone with several video editor options including contrast, brightness, and highlights.

Last August, Google announced a host of new video editing tools for its Photos app on iOS. Yeah, that’s right, iPhone users had better Google Photo features than Android users. Rejoice! Over the coming weeks, Android users will pick up those advanced video features in an update rolling out now.

The new video editing features compliment Google Photos’ image editing options already found on Android. While Android had advanced image editing features but lacked advanced video editing, iOS had the opposite—advanced video but not image editing. Google says it plans to bring the Android image features to iOS in the coming months.

Altogether that means Google Photos will have actions to granular options like cropping, changing contrast, brightness, and more, whether editing videos or photos. At the same time, you’ll be able to pick filters that do the hard work for you, whether you’re looking at an image or a photo.

And if you’re a Google One subscriber, you’ll soon have access to features previously found only on Pixel devices. That includes Portrait Blur, Portrait Light, Color Pop, and more. A Google One subscription is all the more important now that Google plans to end free uploads to Google Photos.

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Source: Google