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An antivirus company just released a router with a killer design

At CES, Symantec has unveiled a new Wi-Fi router which puts a premium on security while still delivering on the performance front – and it looks pretty smart, or certainly unusual.

The Norton Core router is built from the ground-up with the security of the connected home – and all the smart IoT gadgets therein, from smart fridges and TVs to thermostats – firmly in mind.

The router offers deep packet inspection and scrutiny of every network packet both inbound and outbound, scanning for malware and any hints of intrusion. If anything suspicious is detected, or a vulnerability found in a connected device, said hardware can be quarantined and the user alerted.

Norton Core will also benefit from automatic security updates, so it stays secure without any need for user intervention, and also provides a ‘security score’ for the home network.

The company likens this to a credit score which can quickly show exactly how secure the home network is, and give tips to improve that security should the score be a low one.

With measures like these, Core is designed to be easy to manage, and a simple app can be used to monitor the network, adjust Wi-Fi settings, and block anything suspicious. You can also set up guest networks at the touch of a button, and customisable parental controls are available.

Geodesic goodness

On the performance front, the router has been designed as a ‘geodesic dome of interlocking faces’ containing a unique antenna array. Not only does the latter offer a strong Wi-Fi signal, but the fact that it looks aesthetically pleasant (or at least relatively unobtrusive, as of course taste is a rather subjective matter) and can be placed out in the open in the home will also help in achieving better signal coverage throughout the household.

There’s a 1.7GHz dual-core processor on board and Norton Core boasts 802.11ac, 4×4 MU-MIMO Wi-Fi with a maximum throughput of 2.5Gbps.

Norton Core (in gold or granite grey colours) is only available to pre-order in the US right now at an early bird price of $200 (around £160, AU$275), with the hardware expected to ship this summer. You can’t pre-order in the UK yet, but hopefully that situation will change soon.

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