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AnyToISO lets you Convert files and folders to ISO in Windows 10/8/7


While downloading various operating systems from the internet, you may have noticed that it gets downloaded in this file format called .iso. ISO is a standard disk image format or archive file format that is capable of keeping the installation files of an operating system. Using an ISO image, you can also create bootable USB drive or DVD/CD. However, do you know that you can convert any file or folder to the ISO format? This is where AnyToISO comes in. This freeware can help users convert files and folders to ISO, extract files from an ISO file and make ISO files.

Convert files and folders to ISO

Convert files and folders to ISO

AnyToISO is a free Windows software that comes with two different versions i.e. Lite and Pro. This article is based on the Lite version, which is free for lifetime and can do all the necessary jobs without any issue. Talking about the features of AnyToISO, it does mainly three things.

Talking about the features of AnyToISO, it does mainly three things.


  1. It can extract files from archive folder
  2. It can convert any file or folder to ISO format
  3. It can make ISO file from CD/DVD/Blu-ray disks

Regarding the support of archived folder, you can deal with ISO, DMG, XAR, PKG, DEB, etc. formats. For your information, you cannot convert files any other format except ISO since the Lite version doesn’t support any other format. However, there is no limit on the CD/DVD to ISO conversion.

To get started with this tool, first, download it to your machine and install it. After opening it, you will see three tabs hat do three different jobs:

  • File Extract/Convert to ISO: You can extract internal files and folders from the archived folder. (All the formats are mentioned above.)
  • CD/DVD Disk to ISO: Sometimes we burn the downloaded ISO file on a CD/DVD. If you have done that and wanted to convert that to ISO, choose this option.
  • Folder to ISO: If you want to convert a folder to ISO format, this tab is for you.

To convert any folder to ISO, head over to that tab, click on the Browse for folder, choose the folder, select the destination, volume label and hit the Make ISO button.

Considering all the features, AnyToISO seems quite useful for basic tasks. This tool can be used mainly to extract and convert folders to ISO. However, you would not be able to create any bootable USB drive or burn ISO to CD/DVD using this tool – which is a feature that is common in this kind of tools.

You can download the AnyToISO Lite version from here.


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