AOSTIRMOTOR S18 Review: Likely the best budget all terrain E-Bike

Today we received a large device that looks like a toy: AOSTIRMOTOR S18. Although I say it is like a toy, it’s actually not for children. In fact, if you look at the size of it, it’s not exactly suitable for young children to play. It’s an all-terrain electric mountain bike, a special bike for us older kids who like to have fun in the wild.

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The design of the AOSTIRMOTOR S18 is a bit different from other electric bikes. There are a lot of curves in this triangular frame, including the battery, which is also irregular in shape. The frame is made of full metal, which is very solid. And also very heavy.

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It doesn’t have adjustable height, but the all-terrain bike doesn’t need a tall high seat height either, so it doesn’t matter. We all know that large-size tires are essential for electric mountain bikes to get better off-road ability.

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The two fat tires have a 26-inch wheel diameter plus a 4-inch tread, so there’s no doubt you will feel comfortable riding it even facing complex terrain. The front and rear wheels use Disc Brakes, which ensure that you can brake down quickly. But it’s still better to brake gently to prevent the brakes from locking up the wheels and causing any damage. The derailleur on S18 is Shimano tourney with a 7-gear speed cassette. The thumb shifter is also from Shimano, which performs pretty well. It’s not a very expensive module, but at least it comes from a trustworthy brand. The derailleur also has a metal protection bracket on the outside, which protects the derailleur when you fall off the bike. The S18 has front and rear dual light modules. The front one is to prevent you from hitting others, and the back light is to prevent others from hitting you. Making sure your ride at night will be safer.

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The front wheel of the S18 is equipped with a pair of zoom suspensions, which serve as the primary shock absorbers for safe riding. There is also a suspension in the middle of the body frame. After the past few days of experiencing the bike, these three suspensions are sufficient to cope with most road conditions. There are two electronic elements on the Handlebar, one is the backlit LCD display and the other is the controlling module of electric power. It also serves as the power switch for the S18. The LCD display shows the current status of the S18. For example, the current remaining power, speed and other important metrics.

AOSTIR MOTORS S18 review 09 You can long press up and down for 2.5 seconds to change the settings inside. There is a USB port on the bottom of the display, so if you need your phone for navigation, it can be used to charge up your phone or other devices at any time.

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Now let’s look at the powertrain of the S18, which has a 750w toothless brush motor with five-speed levels to choose from, with the fastest speed up to 45km/h. That’s quite a lot for an all-terrain bike, after all, you don’t need that much speed most of the time. The maximum speed that can be achieved in each gear is listed, so you can choose the right speed gear according to your needs. The battery capacity is 720 Wh. We didn’t drain its battery in the riding test, but the S18 max estimated range is at least 35km. This unique shape of the battery is removable. When you open both front and rear locks, you can easily take it out and charge it. Charging with the special charger they come with takes about 4-6 hours to be fully charged. The front lock is also a power lock, so you can’t start it without a key.

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The S18 is a great E-bike and I want to share some of my honest experiences with it with you. First of all, it is not only a toy that you can play with among the hills, it can also be used as your transportation for urban travel. Its big fat tire can not only pass through the muddy road but also can easily pass through the stairs. Meaning, you don’t have to get off the bike to be able to freely travel between roads. But I still have to remind you, for your safety, do not try to climb high steps with it. Of course, S18 is not perfect, there are some places I think can do better. For example, the kickstand is easy to jam peg. It will be perfect if they can install in the rear wheel. And I hope it can be a little lighter, if there is an upgraded version in the future, a frame made of carbon fiber can make it lighter, although the price may rise as a result, but I am willing to pay for it.

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S18 has three working modes, most people are probably using the automatic mode, which is a twist of the handle that will move forward. But I prefer to use pure riding mode in urban travel, which means no electric assistance at all. Use the booster mode when playing in the wild, which means that only when you step on the kickstand will have electric assistance. The latter two modes are definitely more beneficial to your health and can be more power efficient.

I think AOSTIRMOTOR S18 is suitable for two types of people to buy: the first one is those who like to ride in the fields and like to find excitement. If you need a Full suspension E-bike that is powerful and not too expensive, the S18 is quite suitable for you. Another type of person is someone who needs a comfortable E-bike for urban travel. You can also consider the S18. The AOSTIRMOTOR S18 is currently priced at $1499 on the official website. So if you are interested in the model and the brand, you can visit their site and learn more about them.

As a Budget all-terrain electric mountain bike, I think it is still worth recommending.

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