Apple iPhone 12 price: You may get it at this cost, thanks to OLED display and 5G connectivity


Apple is finally expected to make the transition to 5G this year with the iPhone 12 series. Leaks suggest that the iPhone 12 series will end up with Qualcomm’s 5G modem and antennas. This could enable 5G connectivity is markets where the technology is available. However, that could lead to price bumps as indicated by popular tipster back in the summer. Now, a fresh tip from China suggests that it could cost even more.

A tipster on Weibo, called “Mobile phone chip man” (roughly translate from Chinese) has said the new iPhones will be $50 more expensive than the iPhone 11’s launch price. There’s no proof or evidence to back up the claim, so take it with a pinch of salt. However, the chances of the iPhone 12 series costing more are higher this year, owing to the increase in component prices.

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Smartphone prices have been increasing throughout 2020 due to multiple reasons. First of them was the transition to the costlier 5G infrastructure for most premium phones. Secondly, the COVID-19 pandemic has severely affected the supply chain, thereby bumping up costs. Moreover, some countries like India have increased taxes on smartphone purchases.

iPhone 12 expected prices

Hence, due to the increased costs, the iPhone 12 series could start at approximately $750 this year. That’s more than the launch price of the iPhone 11 from 2019, which started at $699. The increase in prices can be attributed to the use of costlier components in these phones. The iPhone 12 series is making a switch to OLED display panels across the lineup. Moreover, the A14 Bionic chip may use Qualcomm’s 5G modem and antennas in the iPhone 12 series.

While the information isn’t official, it is sad to see increased prices given the extreme measures Apple is taking this year. As seen during the Watch Series 6 launch, Apple won’t ship chargers in the box in a bid to save the environment as well as cut costs. Rumours suggest Apple may even take out the EarPods from the box this year. The designers have also figured out a way to cut down on battery costs by up to 50 percent.

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However, previous rumours expanded the possibility of 4G-only iPhone 12 models for most markets. Countries like India don’t have access to 5G connectivity and hence, it does not make sense to launch a 5G phone here with increased prices. Hence, the 4G models could start at similar or even lower prices than the iPhone 11 from 2019.

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