Apple iPhones finally could feature under-display Touch ID

Apple has yet to talk about the elephant in the room. But the brand has many well-wishers, who keep giving us gossip about its future plans. After all, nobody is surprised these days when the leaked details of iPhones are on the mark. Which is why the latest update makes us believe that Apple is finally changing its stance for good. A tipster has suggested that iPhones will finally have an under-display Touch ID. This is applicable for the model that don’t have the physical Touch ID button anymore.

With the launch of the iPad Air 2020, many people thought that Apple could use the power button to integrate its Touch ID for the iPhone as well. But the iPhone 12 series only comes with Face ID as the biometric option. And Bloomberg has strongly advocated the Cupertino-based giant will not repeat the iPad trick. Instead, it wants to take the fingerprint sensor under the screen. I mean, the technology is not new or anything. You have Android phones with this feature across price range now. So, it’s about time Apple does it too.

The tipster has shared reliable information about Apple before. And the latest tweet, where he mentions ‘MESA uts for iPhone’ is a cryptic way saying Touch ID under the screen for iPhone. So, we’re excited to see how Apple integrates the technology on its device.

Apple tipped to host November event to launch in-house silicon chipset for Macs

In a month’s time, Apple will have another big revelation for fans of the Mac and MacBooks. You guessed it right, the ARM Macs are coming next month. Apple is yet to announce anything formally but tipster Jon Prosser has confirmed November 17 for product launch event. Prosser has had a reliable run of leaks this year and it is safe to say that you can probably expect the brand to show up with the new Macs. He also goes on to say that the AirPods Studio has been delayed to March 2021.

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