Apple M2-powered MacBook Air teardown review

Apple launched the Apple M2-powered MacBook Air globally and there were many who preordered it to experience the power of the new Apple Silicon-based M2 chip.

The preordered M2-powered MacBook Air has been shipping to customers over the past few days, and iFixit is one of the companies that has gotten a device. iFixit is known for tearing down Apple products and analyzing the build quality and repairability.

The majority of the M2-powered MacBook Air is filled with a lot of empty space, just like the 24-inch iMac before it. Beyond the battery, the interior of the gadget is dominated by the trackpad, keyboard, and a small circuit board’s mechanics.

Apple M2-powered MacBook Air teardown
There wasn’t much of a thermal management system in this PC, according to iFixit.

Thermal paste and graphite tape were found during the dismantling, but no active cooling or even a heat spreader. According to iFixit, the machine will probably run hot, which is what we observed during our throttling experiments.

Otherwise, things for Apple laptops inside are generally business as usual. But interestingly, according to iFixit, it seems to feature an Apple-made Thunderbolt 3 driver rather than an Intel-made one. Curiously, the laptop also has an accelerometer, though it’s unclear what it’s used for.

Macbook Air M2 teardown
The new speaker system is visible in an X-ray.

iFixit got a look at the new speaker system in the M2-powered MacBook Air, which has a different speaker design than the one it replaces. The updated Air instead emits sound through tiny gaps between the case and the display in place of the perforated speakers that we’ve previously seen on either side of the keyboard. iFixit adds that the speakers appear to be “tiny.”

The MacBook Air after the teardown.

These breakdown papers and videos primarily serve to assess repairability, and there are some promising indications: For instance, entering the gadget requires simply the removal of four screws. However, there is still a terrifying tugging process that must be handled carefully at first.

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