Apple Self Service Repair explained: How to fix an iPhone or Mac yourself

Apple is making it easier to repair your iPhone and Mac yourself, introducing a new program called Self Service Repair.

What is Apple's Self Service Repair program?

Apple's right-to-repair program, Self Service Repair, is now live. Basically, the company will now sell official Apple device parts and tools to consumers, and will even offer instructions on how to repair Apple products at home.

That means, if you choose, you can avoid bringing your broken Apple devices to a store or a third-party repair shop to get them fixed. You can literally do it yourself with approved components and step-by-step instructions.

This is a huge change in strategy for Apple, which has long resisted letting customers fix their own devices outside of Apple Stores or authorized repairers.

Which Apple devices can you repair?

Apple has started with iPhone 12, iPhone 13 and iPhone SE (2022) DIY fixes. You’ll be able to replace the display, battery, and camera using parts bought from Apple, though other options will be available to buy later.

Apple will also open up repairs to Mac with M1 chips for at-home repairs, but this will be coming later in 2022.

Do at-home repairs void your warranty?

No. Crucially, making a repair yourself won’t void your Apple device’s warranty, but damaging your device in the process still might.

Where is Self Service Repair available?

Apple said Self Service Repair is now available for the iPhone models outlined above in the US. It will expand to other countries at a later date, with plans to launch the service in Europe later in 2022.

Can anyone repair their own devices?

Yes. But Apple still warns that technicians "with the knowledge and experience to repair electronic devices" should only consider repairing Apple devices. Most customers should seek expert assistance from Apple or a third party before cracking open their Apple devices to see what's wrong with them.

How much are the parts and where can you buy them?

Apple indicates that customers can purchase the required parts outright from the Self Service Repair Store for their return, though there's also a rented option available.

For those who don't want to buy the tools, Apple can also provide a $49 kit that includes all the tools required. This rental kit will be available for one week before customers will be required to send it back to Apple - free of charge, of course.

Apple has also said customers can receive a recycling credit when they return used parts after doing a repair, in some cases.

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