Apple's iOS 10 to support RAW shooting


Apple's new iOS 10 brings lots of new features and improvements. The most positive impressions came from unlocking lots of default apps and APIs to developers, which will allow for much better customization and user experience later on.

The iOS 10's camera wasn't detailed at the keynote, but as it turns out Apple will be enabling saving the RAW image in DNG format from the camera's hardware. It's not clear whether this will appear as an option in the default camera app, but third-party developers are allowed to use it if they want.

RAW shooting on mobiles isn't exactly mainstream, but some people like to use it in more demanding scenes as they may do a better job of the processing than the phone itself. So no matter if Apple adds RAW option in the camera app or not, there are going to be third-party camera apps to allow capturing DNG images on the current and upcoming iPhones.

We already heard that iOS 10 will allow you to uninstall some of the default apps and will emable third-party apps to use Live Photos. More and more features are being revealed as the developers are dissecting the new dev kits and OS previews, so stay tuned for more info.


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