List of Commentluv Enabled Blogs with High PR

Commenting on different blogs is a good way to construct some hyperlinks and in addition a great way to successfully talk with different bloggers in the identical area of interest. بئر, then issues received higher after the introduction of the commentluv plugin. The CommentLuv WordPress plugin is a

How to Add Author Box in Genesis

Author Box is an important part of a blog,it displays a short bio of the writer and an Image of the writer. To Enable Author Box in Genesis,Open your User Profile settings, it can be opened by navigating to WP dashboard > المستخدمين >Your Profile,here you

Create Sub Domains To Host WordPress Blogs

Some site owners use sub domains to host websites comparable to help pages, boards, or to demo new weblog themes. Sub domains are domains which might be created beneath or beneath a full area. وعلى سبيل المثال, a sub area tackle or URL could possibly be