How to stream your Mac video games to Twitch using Gameshow

Want stream your Mac developed games and VR apps to Twitch? You can by using Gameshow!

Apple has been gearing up developers to create macOS-native virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) applications. For many VR enthusiasts, that means games. That also means streaming games to user-generated content sites like Twitch, موقع YouTube, and Hitbox!

Gameshow by Telestream gives macOS and PC users a powerful yet easy-to-configure streaming software for the aspiring game streamer. It features already setup templates of established games so that you can start streaming as quickly as possible, or you can build your own template from scratch. It's a free download that puts a watermark in the video feed whilst broadcasting or when recording video over 720p resolution. Or you can make a very reasonable one-time purchase of only $29 to get rid of those minimal restrictions. Totally worth it if you ask me.

If you're interested in getting started to stream your games from your Mac, here's a quick run-through on how to do so using Gameshow and

How to download the software and set up accounts

Install your games

We're assuming that you've already set up and installed something you want to stream, but if you haven't, here's a quick guide on installing Valve's Steam platform to get you started.

  1. اذهب إلى in your favorite browser. انقر على Install Steam.
  2. انقر على Install Steam Now. This will start to download the installer file that will be placed in downloads on your Mac.
  3. Navigate to your downloads and double-click steam.dmg. Agree to the terms of service.
  4. Drag بخار ل Applications folder.
  5. إطلاق بخار and allow it to update. Log in to your account or create a new Steam account. (If you are new to Steam, check out the store and get some awesome games. Many are even free!)
  6. Start the game you want to stream. In this instance we are using Middle-earth:Shadow of Mordor to broadcast.
  7. صحافة Alt-Tab on your keyboard to get out of the game to your desktop.

Install Gameshow

  1. Using Safari, انتقل إلى ** **
  2. تحميل Free Version أو اشتري الآن. You can always purchase a key through the free version later.
  3. انقر نقرا مزدوجا فوق Gameshow.dmg file in your Downloads folder in Finder.
  4. انقر Agree on the license agreement.
  5. اسحب Gameshow Icon ل تطبيقات مجلد.

  6. وبمجرد تركيب, start the Gameshow التطبيق.
  7. انقر افتح if prompted with a warning dialog box to open an application downloaded from the internet.
  8. Optionally choose to Send أو Don't Send diagnostic usage information to the developers of Gameshow.

  9. Read the release notes and click التالى.
  10. Optionally choose to Register أو Skip the registration of Gameshow.

  11. Optionally choose to view the Getting Started و Tutorials أشرطة فيديو.
  12. انقر Start Streaming.
  13. Select a قالب أو Build Your Own layout to stream.
  14. انقر التالى. We chose to build our own Game + Cam.

  15. Select to Stream To: Twitch.
  16. Enter your Game Title.

  17. Select the type of Encoder you wish to use. We left this as default.
  18. حدد Encoder Settings. We left this as default.

  19. Select your closest Twitch Server to stream to.
  20. انقر التالى.
  21. Select your Game Process. Our game process that we Alt-Tabbed out of previously is called Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor.
  22. Select your الة تصوير.
  23. Select your ميكروفون.
  24. انقر التالى.

  25. You'll now be asked to Log In أو سجل for Twitch. You can create a new account from within the Gameshow app.
  26. انقر التالى.

  27. You'll be prompted to install the Telestream Audio Capture Driver. انقر حسنا.
  28. انقر استمر.
  29. انقر التثبت.
  30. Enter your كلمه السر وانقر Install Software.
  31. انقر قريب when the driver installation is complete.

  32. Set up your broadcast screen and معاينة هذا.
  33. When ready, انقر على Stream زر.

You're online!!!

افكار اخيرة

Gameshow makes it super easy for you to start building your game stream channel by taking the complexity out of the mix and making it simple. As we are anticipating more VR apps coming to macOS, are you planning to stream you games to social communities? Let us know in the comments!


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