Ashampoo Photo Commander 15: Image Editing Software with 50+ Tools

While resizing, scaling, adding filters, adjusting brightness are some basic aspects of modifying a picture, image editing is actually much more than this. Whether it is clicked by your smartphone or a digital camera, every picture needs some editing these days. Having a correct photo editing software and using its tools correctly can transform your picture completely.

If you are a social butterfly and love uploading a picture every day, the regular filters in your Smartphone may help you, but if you are a professional photographer of a photo enthusiast, you need something really professional. A software which can do more than just adding the filters. Ashampoo Photo Commander is one of the very good image editing software available for Windows PC.

While there are many different image editing software available on the internet for free, this Photo Commander from Ashampoo is totally worth buying.

Ashampoo Photo Commander review

The software comes with all basic plus advanced photo editing features. A bit clumsy but simple interface makes the software very user-friendly.

Ashampoo Photo Commander 15 review

The main overview shows three panels. The left panel displays the files and folders on your PC; center panel is the Content Area where you can see the thumbnails of image, videos and audio files stored on your PC and the right panel is preview panel which displays your selected picture with the current configuration. Navigate through the folders in the left panel, select the image from the thumbnails displayed in the current and start editing. Once selected, the program loads the complete album with navigation arrows for both next and previous picture. Click on any picture, and you can also check the details like file format, resolution, etc.

Geotag your picture

Besides the regular photo editing features, Photo Commander also has a feature of geo-tagging. With this feature, you can save any of your picture with the location it was actually clicked on. This further helps you sorting your pictures location-wise too. Select the picture and then click on Tools tab from the top menu ribbon. Select Add Geotagging from the drop-down list, fill in the required details and save. So, no matter how big your image collection is the photo commander will help you find the images location-wise.

Besides the regular tools like making a collage, a panorama, creating a web album, renaming & re-dating the images, and finding the duplicate images, the Photo Commander 15 also lets you make a photo mix where you can mix two pictures to make a new one.

Burn Photos and Videos into DVD

Not every photo editing software brings you the feature of burning the photos or videos directly to the DVD or CD, but Photo Commander does. Moreover, it is really simple and requires no technical knowledge as such. Just select the pictures you want to burn, click on the Tools tab and select Burn Photos to DVD/CD or click on Organize tab from the main ribbon menu and select Burn Photos to DVD/CD. Select the disk and follow the instructions.

Photo Editing Features

When we talk about the photo editing features in Photo Commander 15, there is a lot to talk about. The program comes with numerous tools and features of photo editing which can actually transform your picture. Apart from the regular editing features, Photo Commander lets you add various effects to your picture, modify the perspective of your photos, optimize the picture directly with best effects, adjusting the temperature, adjust the color tones, brightness/contrast/saturation etc. One of the best photo editing features in the Photo Commander 15 is the ability to cut out and exchange the backgrounds. The tool lets you cut the image accurately and exchange the background.

In short, the software fulfills all your needs and requirements related to photo editing and transforms you image greatly. The batch processing tools of the program help you adding the filters and with a single click, you can see the photo ‘before’ and ‘after’ adding the effects.

Click on the Create tab from the main menu ribbon, and you can create a slideshow, HTML album, calendar, collage, panorama, photo mix or contact sheet.

The Object tab in the menu helps you adding different objects in your photo, may it be a polyline, a text, a shape, a bitmap, etc.

Ashampoo Photo Commander 15 review

Long story short, the new Ashampoo Photo Commander 15 is the one stop solution for all your photo editing requirements as well as organizing your photo albums in the PC. Even largest of your photo libraries can be organized in well-sorted categories with the help of this software.

Summarized Features of Ashampoo Photo Commander 15

  • Edit and transforms the photos with various fascinating effects and more than 50 editing tools.
  • Quick fixes with best effects.
  • Automatic as well as manual, extensive image optimization.
  • Presentation mode which works across separate devices.
  • Conversion operations for multiple images in a row
  • Geotagging feature
  • Helps to manage the huge collection of images comfortably
  • Burns videos and photos to DVD/CD
  • Create slideshows with sounds
  • Create collage, panoramas, HTML albums, cards and calendars

This wonderful all-in-one photo editing software is now available with a handsome discount.

Buy Ashampoo Photo Commander 15 now at a 60% off.

The all new Ashampoo Photo Commander 15 works with Windows 10/8/8.1/7 and supports different languages like British English, Chinese (simplified and traditional),Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Norwegian Nynorsk, Polish, Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazilian), Rumanian, Russian, Serbian, Serbian, Slovakian, Slovenian, Spanish, Spanish (Argentina), Swedish and Turkish.


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