ASUS DG1 (Intel) graphics card tested

The first test of the ASUS DG1 card with the Iris Xe GPU has been shared. This is the only custom board made by another brand, deriving from the Iris Xe graphics card that Intel announced in January.

Let’s be very specific right away, this card is really a “small” entry-level card. The ASUS DG1-4GB (Iris Xe) is a passive graphics card with 4GB of built-in LPDDR4-4266 memory. We have a very compact card with 1 slot and three display outputs. A card with the same characteristics was subjected to a synthetic BaseMark test. The graphics card was mounted on an ASUS PRIME H410M motherboard, which is one of the two DG1-compatible motherboards that ASUS currently offers (for the record, Intel has stated that the DG1 requires a special BIOS to work).


The graphics card was tested with Vulkan High and Medium tests, scoring 1267 and 17289 respectively. This places the DG1 slightly below the Radeon HD 7850, which scores 17349 points under the same conditions.

APISAK decided to make a comparison with a more recent card, the Radeon RX 550. The Asus card with the Intel GPU is therefore below. Obviously, there is no real conclusion to be drawn from this case because Intel has clearly announced that this version would be there to accumulate experience, to bring back information and to test itself in the heart of the ecosystem.


We know that Intel is now working on its DG2 family based on the Xe-HPG architecture designed for gaming, the latest speculations on the subject still suggest a release for the end of this year…

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