‘At a Glance’ connected device integration for Bluetooth headphones rolling out

Google’s ‘At a Glance’ is now rolling out a connected device Bluetooth integration for headphones.

A Reddit (mattbxb) user spotted their Bluetooth headphones connected and fully charged in the At a Glance section. The user says it only appeared briefly, but 9to5Google suspects it only shows up during the initial connection setup.

9to5Google says that this is a server-side update, so not everyone currently has the feature. To check, you can long-press the top of your home screen > tap customize > tap the setting gear icon, which reveals the ‘Connected Devices’ option and testing timer and stopwatch, bedtime and fitness.

Google announced this feature during its last Pixel Feature Drop, which only recently hit Pixel 6 devices. Alongside this functionality, there’s also a new battery widget.

Image credit: Reddit (mattbxb)

Source: Reddit (mattbxb) , 9to5Google