Fix: Windows 10 Compatibility Troubleshooter not working

If the Compatibility Troubleshooter is not working on Windows 10, this can be a problem, but you can fix it easily. Some users have fixed this issue by changing the values of a couple of environmental variables. Enabling or running certain services can often help you fix this problem on your Windows 10 PC. In … Read more

How to Change Alexa Language to Spanish and Other Languages

Would you prefer Alexa speak a language other than English? As of March 2020, Alexa can speak in eight different languages. Whether you’re a native speaker or you just prefer to hear a different language, you can choose which language you want Alexa to communicate with. Amazon makes it easy to change Alexa’s language. There … Read more

How to Fix Twitch Error 3000

Any platform that handles a lot of multimedia and bandwidth will encounter errors, and Twitch is no exception. Many streamers have been hit by the dreaded “Twitch Error 3000,” also known as error code 3000. It’s a huge problem because it stops users from loading streams. This error code is most often reported by Google … Read more