AMD Radeon RX 6800M, 6700M and 6600M laptops – complete list


While AMD processors have been a competitive choice on a multitude of modern laptops in recent years, AMD graphics chips have failed to win quality designs so far. That, however, might change with the release of the AMD Radeon RX 6000 Mobile series of GPUs, based on the AMD RDNA2 architecture, with powerful compute units, variable-rate shading, RT acceleration, and AMD Infinity Cache. In all fairness, AMD mobile graphics have not been competitive alternatives to the Nvidia options for many years now, but with RDNA2 that promises a 50% increase in performance and 40% reduction in power use, AMD laptop GPUs might have a chance from now on. AMD announced … Read more

Best used/older laptops and convertibles to buy in 2021 (continuously updated)


If time has taught us anything, it should be that newer isn’t necessarily better. In the world of computing, it often means paying a significant premium to be a hardware beta tester. By buying a used or refurbished laptop, you’re not just paying a lot less, but you’re reducing electronics waste. You’re also not giving up too much in the way of performance and battery life, either. Since Intel released the quad-core hyperthreaded U-series and hexa-core hyperthreaded H-series CPUs in 2017 with Coffee Lake and Nvidia released their Turing 10xx-series GPUs in 2016, performance hasn’t been lacking from laptops for nearly four years now. So, if budget is a major … Read more

Alienware X15 and X17 2021 – slim performance laptops with quad-fans and powerful hardware


Dell recently announced the Alienware X15 and Alienware X17 lineups of slim performance/gaming laptops, and I wanted to quickly go over these, as they seem to be some of the more powerful portable notebooks of this generation, mostly thanks to their complex thermal module with no less than four high-capacity fans. But I do have some nits with these designs, based on the available information. This complex thermal design allows Alienware to put high-power Intel 11th gen CPUs and Nvidia graphics inside, up to a Core i9-11900HK and an RTX 3080 that goes up to 110W in the 15-inch model, and up to 165W in the 17-inch model. That’s more … Read more

No2Theft4 alerts iPhone owners to thieves, takes their photo, and sends location data to email or SMS

Nobody likes it when their iPhone gets stolen, either by pranksters or actual thieves, and while Apple’s Find My app can certainly help you track it down, it’s limited in its feature-centric capacity. iOS developer Elias Sfeir knows this, and that’s why he spent the time to make a popular jailbreak tweak known as No2Theft. Today, we’re excited to share that No2Theft4 — the fourth iteration of this handy anti-theft extension — is now available for all pwned iOS 12-14 devices. Just like all the previous iterations of No2Theft, the No2Theft4 tweak brings powerful anti-theft features to the iOS platform. Once installed, No2Theft4 adds a dedicated preference pane to the … Read more

How to change your username in Facebook on iPhone


Like most social networking sites, Facebook offers its users the ability to change their username. If you made a mistake the first time, then you can choose a new name for your Facebook account. Facebook is one of the biggest social media service on the internet, and is used by pretty much everyone who has access to internet. It’s important that you have a username that includes your real name, so it’s easier to find. Your unique username is what separates you from the others who have the same name as yours. In this article, we’re going to show you how you can change your username on Facebook, as well … Read more

If you don’t want Amazon devices to share your bandwidth with your neighbors, you need to opt-out!


Amazon plans to enroll many of its hardware devices that are operated in the United States, including many Echo devices and Ring Spotlight and Floodlight Cams, into its Amazon Sidewalk system on June 8, 2021. Amazon Sidewalk is a shared network. According to Amazon, it is used to make devices work better, e.g. by extending the working range of devices, keeping devices running even if outside the range of the wireless network of the home, or finding pets. One of the ideas behind Sidewalk is that devices may continue to operate even if they lose access to the local wireless network; this works best in neighborhoods with lots of Amazon … Read more

Select multiple tabs of the same site with just two-clicks with the Select Tabs extension for Firefox


Tab Management extensions are handy when you want to switch between tabs, find a specific one, organize them, etc. Things get slightly difficult if you want to select several tabs from the same domain. Select Tabs is a new Firefox extension that helps you select multiple tabs of the same site, with just two-clicks. With the add-on installed, right-click on a tab, and you should see a new menu item called Select Tabs. It has its own sub-menu, mouse over it to view the list. The first option, Same site, when clicked upon will automatically select all tabs belonging to the same domain (and subdomain). So, if you have a … Read more

Screenshot Capture is a Chrome extension that simplifies taking snapshots to 2-clicks


Firefox has a built-in screenshot tool which is simple to use, and more importantly easy to access. With Google Chrome however, it’s a different story. Let me explain. Here’s how you can take a screenshot in Chrome. Press F12 to access the developer tools, follow this with the hotkey Ctrl + Shift + P, to open the command panel. Type the word screenshot (in the box that appears) and the browser will display a bunch of options; to capture an area, full size (page), node or a screenshot (of the on-screen content). Select the option and your screenshot is ready. So it takes two keyboard shortcuts, typing a word, and … Read more

Restore “Open in Tab” In Google Chrome on Android (disable Tab Grouping)


Google introduced Tab Groups in the company’s Chrome web browser some time ago. The main idea behind tab groups is to improve the manageability of tabs in the browser by grouping them automatically. Say, you open the Ghacks website, and then two articles in new tabs in Chrome. Instead of displaying the articles as individual tabs, all three tabs would form a group automatically. When you are done, you may close the group and with it all of its tabs. Tab Groups are not liked by all Chrome users, and recent changes to the code for Chrome on Android have sparked quite the controversy. Previously, Chrome users could disable Tab … Read more

Viper Elite II: New Memory Kits from Patriot!


As for the RAM, we have some news thanks to Patriot. The brand specializing in the field, announces, indeed, its Viper Elite II. New kits that can reach 4000 MHz on 32 GB capacities. Viper Elite II, kits up to 32 GB for 4000 MHz. With its new kits, the brand offers fairly basic memory, without RGB lighting in all directions. Nevertheless, we note the presence of an asymmetrical aluminum heatsink in black and red. The latter will not be very high, 3.5 cm, which will limit the breakage with some air cooling heatsinks. In terms of characteristics, the brand announces kits with a maximum capacity of 64 GB. However, … Read more

Model D Wireless: a new wireless mouse from Glorious!


In the world of gaming peripherals, we have Glorious PC Gaming Race. The brand behind the Model O and Model O Wireless and , announces a new reference. Indeed, the Model D of the manufacturer goes wireless. In short, here is the Model D Wireless! Model D Wireless: a second wireless mouse from Glorious! With this new mouse, the brand goes wireless its typical palm grip mouse. This model has an internal battery with an autonomy of 71 hours if we believe the announcement of the brand. Nevertheless, we do not know if these 71 hours are with or without lighting. In any case, what impresses once again is the … Read more

AIR Cooler 210 : an all-black fan unit from Montech


In the world of cooling, we can count on Montech which announces a new reference. Indeed, the brand unveils its AIR Cooler 210. A new model that is 100% compatible with RAM. AIR Cooler 210, a 100% RAM compatible fan! With this new model, the brand announces an aircooling heatsink rather compact in height. Indeed, it is 152.7 mm high, so it will easily fit into our cases. On the other hand, it remains rather wide with its 130 mm and deep with 98.5 mm. Fortunately, we have an off-center copper base limiting the impact on the RAM! The radiator itself remains sober with a full matte black treatment. Likewise, … Read more