The Razer Kishi mobile gaming controller is now available in a special “Designed for Xbox” edition


Back at CES, Razer announced the Kishi, an extending game controller for smartphones. The Kishi is what’s called a “telescopic” gaming controller, meaning it extends to mount smartphones of various sizes. Unlike many other gaming controllers, the Razer Kishi is not wireless. Rather, it connects to your phone’s charging port. Because of this, Razer made two versions of the Kishi: One for Android devices with a USB-C port and one for iOS devices with a Lightning port. Now, Razer is unveiling a new version of the Kishi controller for Android devices. Like the standard version, this new one connects to your Android’s USB-C port. However, Razer says its new controller … Read more

PowerA’s new MOGA XP5-X+ Bluetooth gaming controller may be bundled with the Samsung Galaxy Note 20


Game streaming has yet to reach peak popularity, but we certainly see it picking up steam in the past months. Users now have more options than ever in the form of Google Stadia, NVIDIA GeForce, Microsoft Project xCloud, and even Sony PS4 Remote Play if you count that within the same segments. All of these solutions envisage playing games on your smartphone usually with the aid of a gaming controller. To capitalize on this, Microsoft expanded its Designed for Xbox accessories program to cover mobile gaming last year. Now, PowerA, known for its various gaming accessories, is launching its new MOGA XP5-X Plus Bluetooth controller for mobile and cloud gaming. … Read more

ASUS ROG Phone 3 now supports the Google Phone app and playing HDR video in Netflix


ASUS ROG Phone gaming smartphones are now on their third-generation, and they have often been regarded as the undisputed king of high-spec (or overkill). The ASUS ROG Phone 3 was recently launched along that formula. With an eye-watering 144Hz display (that can even be turned up to 160Hz if that’s somehow not enough for you), a beefy Snapdragon 865 Plus processor and very generous amounts of RAM and storage, it’s also the undisputed king of ridiculous specifications. This phone is able to handle almost everything you throw at it fairly easily. And for those of you who have purchased this device, you will be glad to know that the phone … Read more

NVIDIA adds Into the Breach, Just Cause 2, and 6 more games to its GeForce NOW cloud gaming service


Looking for something new to play this week? NVIDIA on Thursday announced the latest weekly additions to its GeForce Now cloud gaming service. This week’s additions include 8 new games to the service. The full list of new games in NVIDIA GeForce NOW is as follows: Othercide Superhot: Mind Control Delete Ho Tu Lo Shu: The Books of Dragon Into the Breach (Epic Games Store) Just Cause 2 Thief Trackmania Turbo (Uplay) Russian Fishing 4 Admittedly, these aren’t the hottest new games on the market, but they’ll no doubt provide entertainment during the lockdown if you’ve never experienced them before. Just Cause 2 is one of the most beloved (and … Read more

Android TV’s new Cast Connect library will enable remote control support for casted videos


Casting video content to your Android TV device will hopefully feel more native in the near future thanks to the introduction of Cast Connect. As pointed out by Twitter user Android TV Guide, this new feature will have the benefit of making it possible to use your remote control for casted videos. A Google developer page explains how the new Cast Connect library works. It builds on top of the Google Cast infrastructure with the Android TV device acting as the Cast Receiver. After integrating the library, Android TV apps can receive Cast messages and broadcast media status as if they were actual Google Cast devices. Google says that in … Read more

POCO M2 Pro Review – An Upgraded Redmi Note 9 Pro


Xiaomi’s spin-off smartphone brand POCO recently expanded its portfolio with a new entry in India earlier this month. Unlike previous POCO smartphones that targeted the affordable flagship and mid-range spaces, the POCO M2 Pro is targeting the budget segment this time around. Not that there aren’t already enough contenders swarming the budget space, thus adding to the buyer’s dilemma, but POCO would like to sell you its own vision of an ideal budget smartphone. The hardware package of the POCO M2 Pro isn’t as groundbreaking as the POCO F1 or POCO X2 Pro. For example, there’s no high refresh rate panel or top-of-the-line chipset. But considering the price segment the … Read more

Amazon Alexa will soon be able to open Android apps with voice commands

In a bid to improve the Alexa experience on mobile, Amazon recently enabled a new hands-free experience on the Alexa app for iOS and Android. But even with the new feature, Amazon Alexa isn’t nearly as well integrated with mobile operating systems as the Google Assistant or Siri. For instance, the hands-free experience released recently isn’t entirely hands-free, as it requires you to unlock your phone and open the Alexa app before you can issue a voice command. Another shortcoming you might face while using Alexa on mobile is that it can’t open apps using voice commands. But that might change soon. According to a recent report from The Verge, … Read more

T-Mobile will require VoLTE for all phones starting January 2021, AT&T to follow suit in February 2022 – Here’s what that means for you


The constant evolution of network technology is exciting to follow but only if you have the means to stay up-to-date with new advancements. In our industry, that means buying new smartphones, routers, and plans from carriers. Furthermore, you have to make sure that whatever you purchase is actually compatible with the network you’re paying for. This week has reminded us once again of the importance of network compatibility, as we’re reminded that both AT&T and T-Mobile will eventually shut down their 3G networks. This shouldn’t come as a surprise since both carriers are in the process of rolling out their 5G networks, but it’s important to note because of the … Read more

MediaTek announces the Dimensity 720, another mid-range SoC with integrated 5G

MediaTek launched the Dimensity 1000, its first SoC in the 5G Dimensity SoC series, back in November 2019. The Dimensity 1000 in its original form interestingly hasn’t made its way to any shipping device yet, but the Dimensity 1000L—a lower binned version of the chip—did make its way to the Chinese OPPO Reno3. The Dimensity 1000’s announcement was followed by the announcements of the mid-range Dimensity 800 and the Dimensity 820 at CES 2020 and in May 2020 respectively, while the Dimensity 1000 received a refresh in the form of the 144Hz-supporting Dimensity 1000 Plus, which made its way into the iQOO Z1. Now, MediaTek has extended the Dimensity series … Read more

AT&T’s sub-6GHz 5G network is now available across the U.S.


The major US carriers are duking it out to offer the best 5G networks, and AT&T is, of course, one of the main contenders. While their growing 5G network doesn’t boast the same throughput as Verizon’s Ultra Wideband mmWave 5G, AT&T’s sub-6GHz provides far better coverage. Today, the carrier announced they’ve reached a big milestone. The carrier’s sub-6GHz 5G network is now available nationwide. Now, in the context of coverage, the FCC dictates that “nationwide” means more than 200 million people in the U.S. are blanketed in coverage. AT&T activated 40 new markets today, bringing the total number of covered people to 205 million (and 395 markets). So while not … Read more

Facebook Messenger is getting an App Lock and new message controls for better privacy


User privacy isn’t one of Facebook’s strong suits, and the company has found itself embroiled in numerous privacy debacles in the recent past. However, Facebook has been taking small steps in the right direction, ever since the company’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg outlined his vision for a privacy-focused messaging and social networking platform last year. The latest in the list of privacy-focused changes comes in the form of a new App Lock feature and additional privacy settings for Facebook Messenger. As per a recent blog post from the company, the Facebook Messenger app is getting a new App Lock feature, which will allow users to secure their chats using their phone’s … Read more

Full Samsung Galaxy Note 20 spec leak reveals the phone won’t have a 120Hz refresh rate display


We’re exactly two weeks away from Samsung’s next Galaxy Unpacked event and the 5 devices they’re launching keep leaking online. Although we know that 5 devices will be announced, exactly which 5 devices will be shown off at the event are still up for debate, though we can safely rule out the Galaxy Z Flip 5G since it just got announced earlier this morning. One device we know for sure will show up at Galaxy Unpacked is the Samsung Galaxy Note 20, and today, we’re getting a closer look at the standard model. Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Forums Yesterday, we got a full look at the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra … Read more