TSMC Update: 2nm in Development, 3nm and 4nm on Track for 2022

For TSMC, being the world’s largest foundry with nearly 500 customers has its peculiarities. On the one hand, the company can serve almost any client with almost any requirements. On the other hand, it has to stay ahead of everyone else both in terms of capacity and in terms of technology. As far as capacity is concerned, TSMC is unchallenged and is not going to be for years to come. As for fabrication technologies, TSMC has recently reiterated that it’s confident that its N2, N3, and N4 processes will be available on time and will be more advanced than competing nodes. Confidence Early this year TSMC significantly boosted its 2021 … Read more

Microsoft and Intel Enable AI-Backed Protection Against CPU Cryptocoin Mining

The fervor of cryptocoin mining has consumed a large part of the semiconductor industry of late. The demands for high performance silicon to mine these virtual assets with value is one factor in a global shortage of available parts for computers, automobiles, defense, research, and other industries. One consistent element to cryptocoin mining over the last decade is the prevalence of hijacked machines and devices through malware, commonly known as botnets. Previously these armies of machines were co-opted to perform bandwidth attacks against various targets, but they have also been used for their compute resources – mining coins that have value for those that control the botnet. This week Intel … Read more

Arm Announces Neoverse V1, N2 Platforms & CPUs, CMN-700 Mesh: More Performance, More Cores, More Flexibility

2020 has been an extremely successful year for Arm’s infrastructure and enterprise endeavours, as it was the year where we’ve seen fruition of the company’s “Neoverse” line of CPU microarchitectures hit the market in the form of Amazon’s new Graviton2 design as well as Ampere’s Altra server processor. Arm had first introduced the Neoverse N1 back in early 2019 and if you weren’t convinced of the Arm server promise with the Graviton2, the more powerful and super-sized Altra certainly should have turned some heads. Inarguably the first generation of Arm servers that are truly competitive at the top end of performance, Arm is now finally achieving a goal the company … Read more

Intel Confirms Tiger Lake-U Refresh Later in 2021

The combination of Intel’s ability to drive 10nm product onto the shelves coupled with silicon supply chain shortages has put into question exactly what might be coming into the market later this year on the client side of the business. A few weeks ago Intel stated that across the company five CPU platforms would be coming to market in 2021: Rocket Lake, Jasper Lake, Ice Lake Xeon, Alder Lake, and the Tiger Lake-H series of processors. Tiger Lake-H at 45W+ will come to market in Q2, however AnandTech has learned and confirmed that later in 2021 Intel will also be launching a refresh of its notebook 15-28W Tiger Lake-U processors … Read more

Instagram to soon let you post from your desktop, laptop and even tablet

Instagram, with an aim of expanding its capabilities, is soon to add a much-requested feature on its web version. Instagrammers will soon be able to post from the photo-sharing platform’s web version, making things a lot easier. This new functionality could feel like a welcome change as currently, users can only view Instagram posts on their desktops or laptops. Read on to know more about this. Instagram for web to let you post images As revealed by the known app developer Alessandro Paluzzi, Instagram users can easily upload photos or videos on their PCs with a simple ‘drag and drop’ action. The screenshots shared by the Paluzzi (via Twitter) suggest … Read more

Android 12 features leak before Google I/O

Google I/O is just a few days away, but that is still enough time for more Android 12 features to leak before its official launch. YouTube personality Jon Prosser has posted some screenshots from the Android 12 OS update which shows the new “beautiful new experience” it is expected to deliver. This includes a host of new widgets, buttons and new animations, some of which can be seen below: Gallery Included in the gallery are a new music widget, redesigned WIFI and Bluetooth toggles, a new volume slider, redesigned notifications, and a new clock and weather widget. Google is aiming for a more cohesive design across the system. The animations … Read more

Realme Cobble Bluetooth Speaker launched with 9 hours of playback time, IPX5 rating and more

Realme has launched a new Bluetooth speaker called Realme Cobble that comes with glow-in-the-dark luminous lanyard Realme has launched a new Bluetooth speaker in Malaysia called Realme Cobble that comes with a glow in the dark luminous lanyard along with a gaming mode as well which lowers the latency for a seamless audio sync. The Realme Cobble Bluetooth speaker is priced at MYR 99 (approx Rs 1,800). It has been launched in Metal Black and Electric Blue colours. Realme hasn’t provided any details if the speaker will be made available in other markets or not. Realme Cobble Bluetooth Speaker Specifications The Realme Cobble Bluetooth speaker is cobble-shaped speaker with a … Read more

NewerTech launches USB-C to HDMI and DisplayPort adapters

Some computer manufacturers have been trying to kill USB-A and push consumers towards USB-C, but so far, this scheme has not been successful. Don’t get me wrong, USB-C is wonderful — the reversible connector is far superior to the previous USB design — but there are just too many USB-A devices in the world to have it disappear completely. While he death of USB-A is a certainty, it is still many years away. If you have one of those newfangled computers that only come with USB-C, you can always buy a hub, dongle, or adapter. For instance, today, NewerTech launches two new USB-C video adapters. One converts USB-C to HDMI … Read more

KB5000842 update is causing high-pitched sound problems for some Windows 10 users

It is a few weeks since Microsoft released the KB5000842 update for Windows 10, and it wasn’t long before the optional patch was linked to problems with game performance. These particular issues have been — mostly — resolved, but KB5000842 remains problematic with users of some 5.1 audio setups complaining that it has results in their computers emitting high-pitched noises. For now, there is no proper fix, but Microsoft is investigating the problem and say that an update will be provided in a future release. In the meantime, the company offers up a workaround. The cause of the audio issues has not been revealed, but it is something that is … Read more

Instagram now lets you proudly display your preferred pronouns such as ve, xyr, and zir

Sex and gender are two different things. For many people, these match. Using myself as an example, I was born biologically male and identify my gender as such. I prefer to be called “him” and “he.” For some other people, however, their gender does not match their sex. And yes, despite what some ignorant people may think, this is absolutely factual — sex is biology while gender is a social construct. This is why you really can’t assume someone’s gender or pronouns. Just because someone looks to you like they are biologically female, for instance, that doesn’t mean the person wants to be referred to as “she” or “her.” Heck, … Read more

Microsoft releases Windows 10 Build 21382 with HDR improvements for creative apps like Adobe Photoshop and CorelDraw

Just in time for the start of the weekend, a brand new Windows 10 build arrives for those Insiders in the Dev Channel. The big new addition in this build is HDR support in color managed apps, but there are plenty of other changes, improvements and fixes to be found in the flight. Explaining the HDR addition, Microsoft’s Brandon LeBlanc says: HDR mode changes the behavior of some creative and artistic apps that use International Color Consortium (ICC) display color profiles, such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom Classic, and CorelDraw (amongst others). In the past, these apps were limited to targeting the sRGB color gamut. We have added a new … Read more

Recent KB5003173 update is causing 0x800f0922 errors in Windows 10

Earlier this week, Microsoft released the KB5003173 update for Windows 10. With no known issues, coupled with the fact it is a cumulative update rather than something brand new, we posited that it should be an update free from problems; it seems like we may have spoken too soon. Growing numbers of people are experiencing failed installations with KB5003173 and are seeing an error 0x800f0922. While yet to be confirmed, it appears that the problem is related to the manual removal of the forcibly installed Chromium-based Microsoft Edge. Reports have been cropping up on Reddit — and elsewhere — with complaints about the 0x800f0922 error after trying to install KB5003173. … Read more