'Battle Bay' Tips & Tricks: How To Add Friends, Join A Guild, Use Perks, Evolve Items And More

Just started playing Battle Bay and looking for tips, tricks and strategies for being a better captain? Check out our start guide for tricky stuff like adding friends, joining guilds, using perks, evolving items and more, here.

Last week Rovio released its addictive new 5 vs 5 player game, Battle Bay, which has been taking iOS and Android devices by storm. For new players, the game is a ton of fun, but can also be a bit tricky. To help you figure out the strange bits like how to add friends, join guilds, use perks and more, we’ve put together a beginner’s tips and tricks guide to Battle Bay. Check it out below and if you have additional tips to add, feel free to send them to us at [email protected] If we like them, we’ll add them to the post, with a hat tip to you, of course, for sharing. We’ll also be posting an article on our favorite ships, weapons and builds shortly, so keep an eye out for that as well.

Battle On!

battle bay tips tricks guide how to add friends join guild not working evolve ships weapons items use perks iOS android Just started playing Battle Bay but having trouble adding friends joining a guild and using perks? Check out our tips guide for the tricky parts of the game, here.

Battle Bay Guide: Tips For Tricky Stuff Like Adding Friends, Using Perks And More

battle bay tips tricks guide how to add friends join guild not working evolve ships weapons items use perks iOS android You can add friends in Battle Bay by looking for them in the Bay when you are both online.

How To Add Friends In Battle Bay

If you’ve spent any time at all in Battle Bay, chances are, you’ve receiveda friend request or two. But how to you send friend requests to other players or add your real life friends to the game. There’s a couple of ways to do this.

  • Find Them In The Bay – If you are trying to add a real life friend, both of you should log in at the same time. When you go to the main screen of the game you will see a ton of ships in the bay. Look for your friend’s user name, and if he’s there tap on him. A screen will come up with profile info. In the bottom, right-hand corner is a button to “Add Friend.”
  • Global Chat –This is kinda trickier because the global chat doesn’t work all the time, but basically your friend can try typing something in the chat and if you see it, tap on his name and add him.
  • Sync with Facebook or Game Center – this is obviously the more direct way. If you are Facebook or Game Center friends, you can sync you game via Settings, which is found in the main menu in the upper-left hand corner of the game screen.

How To Join A Guild

Joining a guild in Battle Bay is pretty easy actually, but a lot of people are having trouble with it. The reason is, bugs. The developers are aware of the issue with joining a guild and there’s been some trouble with adding friends too so if you can’t seem to do either, be patient, it will be fixed soon. Once the feature is fixed, you can join a guild by simply tapping the Guild button in the lower right-hand corner of the game screen and choosing a guild with openings.

What Is A Fleet? How To Fleet Up In Battle Bay

battle bay tips guide how to add friends make a fleet join guild not working cheats evolve weapons upgrade ship train captains use perks iOS android You can create a Fleet in Battle Bay by sending requests to your online friends in the chat menu.

Once you have some friends, you have the option to join a fleet. Basically fleets are comprised of 2-3 players who decide to go into battle together. If you have a few friends online at the same time, this is a great time to create a fleet. You can’t choose the other two players who will go into battle with you but if three of you fleet together, you can plan strategy in the chat and decide which ships everyone will go in with. For example, maybe you want to run all shooters or maybe you want to make sure there are a couple of fixers in the group. Fleeting is a great way to have more control over who you’re teamed up with. Here’s how to form a fleet.

  • Go to the friend or guild chat ( found on left-hand side of screen.)
  • Tap on the name of someone you want in your fleet (they must be online!)
  • Tap on the green “Fleet up” button at the bottom of the page.
  • You can ask up to two people to join your fleet.
  • Once you fleet is ready, tap the “Battle” button and begin.
  • You can leave a Fleet by tapping on the name of a friend in the fleet and tapping on “Cancel Fleet.”

Perks: When And How To Use These In Battle Bay

battle bay tips guide how to use perks can't equip add friends make a fleet join guild not working cheats evolve weapons upgrade ship train captains iOS android Perks can be equipped to rare and epic items in Battle Bay, enhancing their qualities.

When you visit the Market, you’ll sometimes see items called Perks for sale. Perks and basically exactly what they sound like. Little enhancements for your weapons. From what I can tell, the only items you can add perks to are Rare or Epic Weapons and Items so just keep that in mind before purchasing them.

  • How To Use Perks – In order to add a perk to an item simply tap on the item. In the Perks section you’ll see a green cross if perks can be added. Tap on it and a list of compatible perks will appear. Just choose the one you want and it will be equipped
  • How To Remove Or Change Perks – In order to remove a perk, tap on the item that has it equipped and tap on the perk. You will see a button to “Salvage” the perk. You’ll have to spend a little gold to Salvage it, but it will put it in your inventory and a new perk can now be equipped.
  • How To Scrap Perks – Unfortunately Perks can’t be scrapped, but you can sell them for gold but tapping on them and hitting the “Sell” button.
  • Perk Types
    • Item Range: Compatible with all items. Increases range on any item that equips it.
    • Ship Hitpoints: Adds extra hit points to a ship on which the selected item is equipped.
    • Freeze Duration: Increases duration of freeze feature with items that freeze ships.
    • Torpedo Damage: Compatible with torpedoes and adds extra damage.
    • Overboost Duration: Increases speed of overboost items.
    • Repairing Boost: increases repair power of repairing items.
    • Cannon Damage: increases damage dealt by Cannons
    • Shield Hit Points: Increases the hit points of compatible shields.
    • Repairing Cooldown: Reduces the cool down time to all repairing items.

Ships And Weapon Evolution: How To Train Captains And Evolve Your Build

 battle bay tips guide how to evolve weapons items get extra items add friends make a fleet join guild not working cheats train captains use perks iOS android To Evolve a weapon in Battle Bay you must have a duplicate spare item, so scrap carefully!

As you progress through the game, upgrading your items you’ll get to a point where they cannot be upgraded anymore without evolving. Both ships and weapons basically evolve the same way and make a huge difference in how you’ll move up in the Season Leagues so you should make evolution a goal – particularly for you favorite ship. In order to evolve either a ship or a weapon basically comes down to training your Captains. In the game there are 10 captains you can unlock. Each time a Captain is trained to a new level you can activate one of his related skills. The higher when he reaches a certain level, he gives your items and ships the ability to evolve. Here’s how it works.

How To Upgrade Your Ship – To evolve a ship you must train a captain to a certain level. For the Shooter, you need a Level 10 Captain and 175,000 gold.. For Speeder, Enforcer and Defender, a level 11 Captain and 185,000 gold and for Fixer a level 12 Captain and 200,000 gold. When your ship is evolved it adds some serious perks like extra weapons and items slots so make sure you are working towards it.

How To Evolve Your Weapons And Items – Evolving is really difficult because you not only have to keep spare items on hand, you also have to train the right Captain to a particular level. To evolve a weapon or item you must:

  • Upgrade – the weapon or item must be at level 10 before you can evolve it.
  • Train The Right Captain To Level 8 – To figure out which Captain you need to train, tap on the item you want to evolve. At the bottom of the screen you’ll see an attribute called “Talent.” Tap on it and it will show you which Captain to train.
  • Collect A Spare Part – this is actually something I hope they change in the game. The only way to evolve an item or weapon is to have an extra of that item on hand, and the only way to get an extra item like the one you are trying to evolve is to get it in the daily crates you can purchase with stars from winning battles. I personally wish I had known this earlier on before I started scrapping every duplicate part I had. Finding the exact one you need can be tough so if you have even the slightest inkling that you might want to evolve a certain part, be sure to hold on to an extra one if you come across it.
  • Fuse All Items –Once you’ve gathered all the items you need to evolve your weapon, along with the needed gold, tap on your item and hit the evolve button.