‘Battlefield 1’ Beta Release Date: How To Sign Up For PC, PS4, Xbox 1 Open Beta

The awesome Gamescom 2016 livestream of EA’s Battlefield 1 has left shooter fans breathless. A pre-alpha multiplayer demo shows a desperate Capture-the-Flag match between Great Britain and the Ottoman Empire on a vast desert map, complete with agile bi-planes soaring the skies, relentless tanks tearing foot soldiers apart and… an armored locomotive?!

Check out the EA at Gamescom 2016 stream below:

Obviously, the new Battlefield 1 looks gorgeous, but it’s the seamless interaction between the players and the environment that is really getting us hyped. Some naysayers claimed WWI warfare has nothing new to offer in the modern era of shooter games, but the number of new elements Battlefield 1 has delivered is astounding.

The biggest surprise in the demo footage is, of course, the virtually impenetrable armored train that comes around the map. Other vehicles include the lightweight Jeeps, which can deploy landmines and do a number on both the tanks and the train. Last but not least, Battlefield 1 also introduces horses that can trample foot soldiers to death. Weapons include rifles with bayonettes, LMGs, flamethrowers, hand grenades, anti-aircraft and anti-tank mortars, flamethrowers and more.

In terms of the environment, destruction is a hallmark in the Battlefield franchise and Battlefield 1 is no different. Snipers hiding in buildings could be cleared by handy tank artillery that can level the entire structure. What’s more, extreme weather conditions like sandstorms could make the battle difficult for everyone and change the tide of the match.

Battlefield 1 will finally arrive on Xbox One, PS4 and PC on Oct. 21. The open beta begins Aug. 31 and is available on all consoles. Be sure to sign up for the beta by subscribing to Battlefield Insider via the official Battlefield website.

Will you be playing the Battlefield 1 beta? Let us know if your excited for latest shooter from EA and DICE in the comments below!


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