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‘Battlefield 1’ December Update Notes May Have Leaked: New Map, Future DLC & UI Focus Tipped

Battlefield 1 is one of 2016’s best games, and a leak on reddit may have revealed the main focal points for December’s big update. A new map, UI changes and future DLC drops could set the tone for what’s to come.

While largely unverified, the source of the news claims to have heard these details from a trusted source, “someone in the know” that would have insider knowledge about the update’s contents. Our quick inspection of the user doesn’t suggest intent to spread misinformation, and a single update seems like it’d be a particularly odd thing to lie about. That being said, because this is the internet, everything we’re about to say should be taken with a sizable grain of salt.

As we’ve known for some time, Battlefield 1’s December patch will introduce a free DLC map called Giant’s Shadow. We didn’t know much about it beyond that, but this leak possibly offers up a little bit more. It’s alleged that the area’s main Behemoth will be an armored train, and its battle is set alongside a river with plenty of boats to drive. Dynamic weather will, of course, make the conditions stormy over time to cut down on player visibility and accuracy.

Beyond a new place of combat, the round of fixes will also reportedly introduce a few significant interface tweaks. Amongst the cited list of adjustments are changes to customization and rewards for medals and Battlepacks. Possibly most important of all is the addition of a proper quit button to leave matches without relaunching the whole game. With regard to the criticized rent-a-server program, host options will also be expanded to include custom ticket rates. Last but not least, combatants will be able to join Operations mode in attack or defense depending on how they wish to play. All of this is said to go live around Dec. 13. Update 1.04 launched around the same time in November.

The “in the know” source even went as far to tease some plans beyond December. These mostly relate to future DLC. Similar to the pilot chapter of the single-player campaign, upcoming maps are said to feature large artillery cannons as Behemoths that can be attacked and destroyed by opposing forces. A dogfight mode, similar to Fighter Squadron in Star Wars Battlefront, is also planned to release early next year. In addition to that, DLC packs may add snow and nightfall visuals to existing arenas.

Again, everything above should be classified as a feasible rumor at this time. At the very least, such meaty revisions and content additions are fun to think about.

Battlefield 1 is available now on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

What do you think of this supposed update leak? Will any of it come true? Tell us in the comments section!


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